How to Get a Texting App Working with Tinder

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When it comes to dating apps, you’ll probably think of Tinder, as it is the most popular dating app all around the world with over 57 million users. Whether you’re single or married currently, you must have probably tried it at least once before. As is known to all, in order to register an account, one needs to provide a number to Tinder team in order to confirm that the user behind the account is real. However, sometimes people are not willing to give out their real number to Tinder, as it may cause a lot of troubles.

Why is a Texting App Needed for Tinder?

If you need to create a Tinder account, you’ll have to provide a number (which is also your identification in the app) to Tinder team. To verify the availability of this number, Tinder will send a text message with a verification code to your phone, and in order to activate your account, you need to make sure you want to register with this number and then tap the link in the message. The same is true for most of online services.

However, sometimes you don’t want to provide your real number due to some private reasons. Is there a way to bypass phone number verification? Unfortunately, no. Tinder account cannot be created successfully without a number. Fortunately, as a compromise solution, you can get an extra number dedicated for Tinder from number apps with just a little bit of money and time. Here’s a recommendation for you: CoverMe, one of the most secure and private number apps among all.

What Should be Considered when Choosing a Texting App for Tinder?

The number it provides should be valid.

A lot of number apps on the application store are invalid now due to the more and more strict internet censorship so that the virtual numbers they provide fail to pass the identity verification on Tinder. Therefore, you really shouldn’t download an unknown number app casually if you want to save time. Up to now, no issue has been reported by CoverMe users about the failure of identity verification on Tinder.

It should be secure and private.

Nobody wants an insecure number. Before choosing a texting app for Tinder, you should check the official website of the app to see whether it can protect your privacy or not. For example, on CoverMe’s official website, it is said that CoverMe is trusted by millions, and it can protect your private things during texting and calling with military-grade encryption.

It should contain other useful features.

There is no doubt that you want to enjoy useful features as often as possible in the texting app you choose, as people are always greedy and shrewd. Here CoverMe is strongly recommended for its practical features. Just click CoverMe to see.

How to Verify a Texting App Does Work with Tinder?

CoverMe provides those who don’t want to use their real numbers to sign up for different online services with an effortless way to successfully register their accounts. If you want to enjoy Tinder with an extra number offered by CoverMe, here’s a step-by-step guide for you.

  • Use CoverMe to get a second number in your phone.
  • Download and install CoverMe on your smartphone.
  • Register Tinder with the number you get on CoverMe.
  • You’ll receive a verification message from Tinder in CoverMe’s messages box.
  • Tap the verification link to complete the process.

See? You can have a Tinder account that doesn’t need your real number. A CoverMe number works in just five steps. Now it’s time for you to go and try it.

Bottom Line

  • If you need to create a Tinder account, you’ll have to provide a number to Tinder team.
  • You can get an extra number dedicated for Tinder from CoverMe with just a little bit of money and time in order to bypass Tinder’s number verification.
  • When choosing a texting app for Tinder, you should consider the accessibility, security and other useful features of the app.
  • Here’s a step-by-step guide for you to create a Tinder account without your real number.

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