Best Alternative Chatting App for Wechat

WeChat is definitely the most popular messenger app in China. It has been a must-have app for Chinese, including those who live overseas. In addition to daily uses, WeChat is also the most popular instant messaging tool in the Chinese workplace. While email does have some use in the workplace, WeChat is essential for doing business in China.
After President Donald Trump threatened to ban WeChat, many WeChat users in the United States are looking for an alternative tool for WeChat to ensure their normal communication with friends and relatives in China won’t be affected. As a chatting app trusted by millions, CoverMe is an ideal chat application that has the potential to provide a perfect solution for the possible ban of Wechat. More importantly, it can protect users’ privacy and personal information well with military-grade encryption. As a modern chat application, CoverMe has noteworthy features that can be adapted to any type of chat. 

What can you do with CoverMe?

Send Messages

Different from WeChat which only encrypts information from the users’ device to the server of WeChat, CoverMe adopts end-to-end encryption technology. All your messages are encrypted with CoverMe on your device and decrypted on the recipient’s device. No third group can intercept your messages. With CoverMe, you can also send self-destructing messages which will automatically disappear after the recipient has read the message or after a specific time. The best part of it, it’s ok to recall messages if you want. You can also send messages to someone who does not have CoverMe by applying for a second phone number on this app.

Make Calls

Different from WeChat, you can also call non-CoverMe users with a second private phone number on this app. This feature can also help keep your real phone number private and hide phone records on the phone bill.

Group chatting or messaging

The circle feature of CoverMe allows users to send a broadcast message or start a group chat. The Group chat option allows users to create a group and chat with multiple people at the same time. You can easily start a group chat where any member can send a message and all the other members can read and reply to the message. To prevent members of your group chat from spreading your message to others without your consent, the messages can be disappeared after the recipient has read them or at a scheduled time. You can also directly recall a message. With the broadcast message function, you can send a message to many people. All the members can notice that you are the sender, and they can read and reply to your message, without receiving replies from other members.


CoverMe provides live and visual voicemail services. You can easily set up voicemail for any of your CoverMe phone numbers. You can use the default voice greeting, or record your own voice greeting.
Although CoverMe does not have video call functions and social functions like the Movement feeds, with many security and privacy features, this is a safe and easy-to-use alternative chat app for WeChat to communicate with friends and relatives.

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