How to Get Unbanned from Hinge?

get unbanned from hinge

As many people would feel empty in this fast-paced society, they desperately want to fill the emptiness in their hearts. As a result, more and more people tend to dive right into the online dating world, getting ready for a fresh date. For those who are already sick of Tinder, Hinge is also a good choice. But sometimes the Hinge account can also be banned due to some reasons. How to get the account unbanned? In this article, you’ll find the answer.

What Exactly Possibly Leads Hinge to be Banned?

Hinge couldn’t ban your account for no reason!

If your Hinge account is banned, you must have done something that violates Hinge’s Terms of Service, as the team takes violations very seriously. (In fact, you must know the line as you go across it.) If you don’t want to check out every rule and regulation (as it will surely take you plenty of time), here are some of the possible reasons that may lead your account to be banned:

Be under 18 years old

Hinge is not a dating app for teenagers to find love. So, for those who are under 18, they can never use Hinge to date unless they have celebrated their 18-year-old birthdays. Otherwise, they are banned by Hinge.

Register a Hinge account with a fake profile

Hinge users are not allowed to deceive others with a completely fake profile, as the team is very attentive to the safety of all users.

Use inappropriate language or share inappropriate photos on Hinge

Hinge is not a platform for sexual content, harassment, violence/physical harm, and hate speech. Users are not allowed to send messages and photos related to sex, blood, and racism, abuse others, or spur others to harm themselves.

Precipitate illegal activities

Prostitution (commercial sexual services), human trafficking and scamming are seriously prohibited, as these kinds of activities gravely violate human decency.

Useful Solutions You Can Use to Get Hinge Unbanned

If your Hinge account is banned, here are two useful solutions to get your account unbanned:

To make an appeal

You can contact Hinge’s customer support to make an appeal about your banned account. However, it’s not always working. If you haven’t made a serious mistake on Hinge and feel necessary to use the original account, the appeal may be passed (just praying for a pitiful staff to deal with your appeal). Otherwise, your account will never get unbanned. In the meantime, the whole process will take quite a long time.

To create a new account with another number

People always seek the fastest and easiest solution to any problem. For those who are getting banned from Hinge, they must be eager to unban their accounts in the fastest way. As contacting customer support and making an appeal will waste too much time, why don’t you create a new account if you have an easy approach to an extra number? As is known to all, one needs to provide a number to Hinge so that the account can be registered successfully. Therefore, if you can get an extra number from any second number apps at a low expense, you can register a new Hinge account without any other problem within a few minutes.

Can’t-Miss Tips to Stop from being Banned by Hinge Again

Here are some useful tips that you cannot miss to stop yourself from being banned by Hinge again:

  • Do not violate Hinge’s Terms of Service. You’d better read Hinge’s Terms of Service before using Tinder so that you’ll have a general understanding of this app and know what you can do and what you shouldn’t do. Remember: play by the rules!
  • Use a number dedicated to your Hinge account. Since there is the possibility that your Hinge account may be banned due to some reasons (maybe because you accidentally violate the terms of service), you’d better use an extra number dedicated to Hinge, so that you’ll never need to consider how to get your account unbanned. Just create a new account!
  • Do not use one number to register several online dating services. Registering multiple dating apps with the same number would not be much different from using your own private number to create dating accounts. Furthermore, once a particular account is hacked, all the other accounts will be in danger, too.

Bottom Line

  • Hinge couldn’t ban your account for no reason! If your Hinge account is banned, you must have done something that violates Hinge’s Terms of Service.
  • If your Hinge account is banned, you can either make an appeal to Hinge moderation team, or simply create a new account by providing an extra number to Hinge.
  • Here are some useful tips that you cannot miss to stop yourself from being banned by Hinge.

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