Phone App Lock is Urgently Needed!

Do you use What’s App? Use Paypal mobile app? Have a banking app on your phone? How about email? Do you have X-rated videos on your phone? If you’ve answered yes to 2 or more of the above questions, then do you feel safe just leaving these apps available on your phone? What if you lose your phone? What if you leave your phone on the table and some rotten person picks it up and snoops around? What if you go to take a shower and your family member grabs your phone to see what you’ve got? What if your toddler cries and wants to play with your phone?
To keep the apps on your phone safe, you need a phone app lock and you need to start now!
You can use CoverMe to lock individual apps on your phone.
CoverMe phone app lock, your privacy is our business!

How to use CoverMe app locker?

Enter CoverMe→“Vault”→“App lock,hide”→Select which apps to lock→Select lock screen image →Finish

Why not just show the password input box?

When you open an app that has been locked by CoverMe phone app lock, you will only see the lock screen image. To pull up the password input box, you need to do a 3 second long press on the screen, or double click the lower left or lower right corner.
PS:In the Android version, there is a cute robot password input dialogue box.

How to change the lock screen image?

Click the settings icon at the upper right corner of the app lock screen,select the app to individually change its lock screen image.

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