Do I Need a Private Texting App?

It is awkward when your girlfriend/boyfriend tries to grab your phone and browse your calling and texting records. Even if you don’t have an affair, you still need your own private space.
When working, it is common that you communicate with your clients or partners by talking over the phone or text messages. What if the call logs or messages were exposed? It could lead to significant consequences.

If you are a parent, you will have some privacy which you don’t want to be seen by your child when he browses your phone. You need to keep your text messages hidden.
If you are a teenager, you may be in desperate need of your personal space and eager to stop your parents from snooping your texts.

To deal with the above situations, what you need is a private texting app. Hide your text messages from the normal messaging box so your privacy will be totally safe from prying eyes.

Download the Private Texting App from App Store or Google Play

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