The Easiest Way to Stop Me from Being Caught while Having an Affair on Tinder

stop from being caught on tinder

Feel bored with your current life and just need a date to spice it up? All you need to do is to choose one dating app like Tinder (among all dating apps, Tinder gains more popularity) and then start an exciting online date. But how can you avoid being found by your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend that you have an affair on Tinder? If you seek for an easy way to stop yourself from being caught, this article might help you.

Is it OK for married men/women to have affairs on Tinder?

Well, it could be really inappropriate for married men or women to have an affair with others on dating apps like Tinder, as they’ve already vowed in the wedding, that they will be together with their spouse forever until they are parted by death. However, as each person is an independent individual, they can do anything they want that does not break the law. You, as one of them, can also find a way to date others without hurting your spouse. After all, legally speaking, anything that is not illegal is reasonable somehow.

How easy is it for you to get caught while having affairs on Tinder?

There is no doubt that you’ll get caught by your spouse if you register your Tinder account with your real number, as your account will be recommended to all those who are in your contacts once the registration is done. Worse still, you’re also likely to be seen by someone you know who also uses Tinder to date. That’s really embarrassing and unsafe if you have an affair on Tinder.

How to hide yourself while having affairs on Tinder?

If you want to hide from those whom you’re familiar with (most importantly, your spouse, parents or friends), you can just get another number to register Tinder. In this way, your account will never be found by them if you keep this number a secret.

Then how can you get a second number? With just a few seconds of thought, many people will come up with the idea of purchasing a burner phone or an extra SIM card. But what if there is a simpler and more cost-effective solution? Here’s a recommendation for you: by using CoverMe, you can easily get yourself a secure and private number within three minutes.

One or multiple valid numbers with a certain country code or area code can be selected on CoverMe and used to send text messages or make phone calls via the application on your smartphone. Without the cost of an extra phone or a number plan, you’ll be allowed to use it as your second phone number.


In addition to getting a disposable private number easily in CoverMe, you can also experience other highly secure features, including:

  • Disappearing Messages: Message can be set to self-destruct if you want, so that no one can snoop your conversation.
  • Secure Vault: CoverMe has a safe vault to lock your private photos, videos, passwords, notes and documents with cloud backup.

CoverMe is trusted by millions of users around the world, so you don’t need to worry about your privacy and security anymore if you use CoverMe. Now it’s time for you to go downloading it and have a try!

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