How to Generate a Fake Phone Number in Minutes

There are a whole host of legitimate reasons why you might want a fake phone number, ranging from personal privacy concerns all the way through to handling business calls on a second line. With the whole world operating on the internet these days and many apps requesting a phone number for verification, it is easy for your personal details to end up in the wrong hands. Loads of big brands like Apple and Facebook have reported data breaches in the past, so it’s important to protect your information from criminals and those who would sell your data for marketing purposes. Here, we look at some of the reasons for getting a fake number, how you can do it, and the best services out there to use.

When Do You Need a Fake Number?

It’s a great idea to keep a second phone number on hand all the time or be able to generate one in seconds. There are plenty of times you might need to get hold of one. For example, what about if you’re selling something online via Craigslist? It can often be risky to hand out your personal details, and many sites like eBay require a phone number for verification. But with a temporary number, you’ll be able to sign up without having to give away your real one, thereby protecting your privacy and personal safety. After all, who knows who is purchasing your items – and a temporary second number can keep them from calling you all the time.

Plenty of people also uses a temporary number for dating. Not everyone you talk to through Tinder or Bumble should get access to your real details – at least not until you have met them personally and trust them. A fake phone number is an easy way to get verified on sites like Tinder, and it can help protect your privacy.

Another great reason for a second phone number is to separate your personal and business life. With workers constantly expected to be available to answer incoming calls, it can be a great help to know who’s calling in advance based on the number. And if your job involves a lot of marketing or networking, it is handy to be able to give out a work-only number to colleagues, rather than letting hundreds of people obtain your private number.

How to Generate a Fake Phone Number

If you need a second phone number that’s easily disposable, there are several good options available on the market.

• Google Voice.

Quick and, best of all, free, a fake Google Voice burner number allows for call forwarding and voicemail transcripts. You can create, alter and even delete this number in seconds, so it’s good for getting a number in a pinch. But Google Voice has some downsides:

  • You have to link your personal number. That means that it’s not a truly private service
  • Google will always get to access your details, and this leaves you vulnerable.
  • You have to be based in the USA. This is the real kicker, since it prevents most people from using the service – you have to have a US landline or cell number.
  • Changing and deleting your number requires a computer. Unlike some of the other services out there like CoverMe, Google Voice limits some of its features to desktop only, so it’s a pain to deal with if you’re in a hurry.

• Fake Number Generators.

These websites like are another quick option. They provide numbers in a US format based on random generation, so some are unallocated and some are in use by others already. But there are huge issues here:

  • They cannot send messages or call. These numbers are literally just a list of digits, they don’t actually work – so you can’t claim them or use them to call anyone.
  • They fail verification processes. Since these numbers are pulled randomly from a database, most of the time they are in use by someone else already, so they won’t work on sites like Facebook.

• Second Number Apps.

The best way to get hold of a real temporary set of digits that work for calls and messages is to use a second number app like Burner or Hushed. These apps offer a slick UI and plenty of convenient features like auto-reply and voicemail, and some important security protocols as well. However, these popular apps have the following issues:

Burner has limited privacy features. It can’t enable VoIP calls on iOS yet (the feature is in beta), which means that all your calls will still turn up on your phone bill.

Hushed has limited security. With the ability to link up Bitcoin to your account, Hushed leaves itself open to several safety concerns relating to this novel currency.

Another app to get a second number is CoverMe. For the ultimate in security and privacy, we recommend CoverMe.

What Can You Get from CoverMe?

But are the numbers really fake? Absolutely not. CoverMe provides users with genuine, untraceable numbers that are fully operational and can be utilized for any purposes that a normal number would be.

Importantly, CoverMe also comes with a host of security features – in fact, Gadget Hacks recently reviewed all the best second number apps on the market and declared that CoverMe is the most secure.

Free to download, CoverMe provides Android and iPhone users with fully secure temporary numbers that can be operated over a regular carrier or through VoIP. It uses military-grade technology to secure your messages and calls with end-to-end encryption, keeping your personal data completely anonymous and totally safe from hackers and prying eyes. It also has several other security features:

  • Private Groups. With CoverMe, you can create private, fully encrypted messaging groups to share photos, videos and messages with people privately.
  • Encrypted Vault. For when you want to store and protect documents and other files, CoverMe provides a pin-protected vault to keep your data safe.
  • Self-Destructing Messages. CoverMe lets you create messages that self-destruct, preventing them from being easily re-distributed or copied. Now it is no longer a problem if you send a message by mistake.

With CoverMe, you can even recall messages after they have been sent.

CoverMe is the ultimate in security and privacy when it comes to getting a fake phone number that actually works. Not only does it let you keep your personal data secret, you will also be ensuring that you stay safe from hackers and online predators. So whatever your reason for getting a fake number, use CoverMe to get the cover you need.

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