How to Get and Use A Private Second Phone Number on CoverMe?

The private second phone number offered by CoverMe can be used at work and isolate your work from your personal life. You can get unlimited calls, texts, and pictures on a private line!

Whether you are self-employed, an entrepreneur, a small business owner, or just want to create some distance between yourself and your co-workers, a second phone number from CoverMe will be your best choice to solve problems.

What can you do with a CoverMe phone number?

CoverMe is an app that offers you one or more new phone numbers. It works just like any other phone number app, with all the functionality you’ve come to expect from a robust messaging system. Plus, it has additional features that help you create separation between your business and personal life, as well as protect your privacy. But that’s not all. CoverMe has a whole host of features that help you to create additional separation and take back control of your life.

CoverMe Phone Number Can Help You Separate Your Work and Personal Life

CoverMe makes it easier for you to create separation between your business and personal lives.It is important for a small business owner to have a local phone number that matches the location of the business so that your customers or clients know that you are local. Using the second phone number from CoverMe, you can select your area code and even have multiple Numbers with different area codes. This is a great advantage for salespeople who may work in multiple locations.
Take back your agency with a second phone number from CoverMe. You choose when you want to be on the clock and are available to respond to business requests, and when you aren’t. You can even put your business number on your website and business card, and rest easy knowing that your personal number remains private.

CoverMe Helps Protect Your Personal Information

Many online services require users to provide some personal information to use their services. Before providing personal information, you should consider what to do with your personal information and assess whether you are willing to provide these details. In addition to improper or illegal use of information, disclosing personal information online can have an impact on your online reputation.
Having a second phone number can protect you from private information leakage. Using the private number offered by CoverMe, you can easily apply any function of a normal phone number and protect your personal data.

User Guidance for CoverMe Users

How to Apply for a CoverMe Phone Number

Enter CoverMe → More → CoverMe Phone Numbers → Apply for Phone Number → Continue → Enter City Name or Area Code (For ex.: Los Angeles or 213) → Select Desired Number → Continue.
Tip: The number already belongs to you after you select it, but you need to purchase the package. Select Package → Click Desired Package → Buy Now.  After payment, wait 15 minutes and you can use the number.

How to Make Phone Calls

Click “Call” → “Open Keypad” to enter CoverMe’s dial interface. On the upper left corner, select the country code, then enter the number you want to call.

How to Configure Personalized Alerts

More → CoverMe Phone Numbers → Click “Number” → Pull down → Notification Settings.
(1) Configure Text Alerts: You can configure alerts for any of your favourite texts.
(2) Calls/Missed Calls Notifications: Don’t want others to see that a certain person has called you? Then you can change this person’s display name to something unsuspicious, such as “Mom”.
(3)SMS/Missed calls/Incoming Calls Notifications: In addition to setting the ringer on or off, you can also select other CoverMe ringtones. You can have a different ringtone every day if you like!

How to Block Unwanted Calls

More → CoverMe Phone Numbers → Click “Number” → Pull down → Block Unwanted Calls
(1) Who is allowed to contact me: You can allow “Everyone” to contact you or you can enter “Specified Numbers” that are allowed to contact you.
Two methods to reject calls: You can politely direct calls to voicemail or you can automatically end the call.
(2) Blacklist: After entering phone numbers to block, CoverMe will direct the system to automatically hang up the call and you will not even notice it.

How to Set-up Voicemail

What to do when it’s not convenient to answer a call? You can set up voicemail! Just enter CoverMe → More → CoverMe Phone Numbers → Click “Number” → Voicemail → Click the green button on the right. If you want to record your own unique greeting then just click “Record Greeting”.

How to Set-up Call Forwarding

More → CoverMe Phone Number → Click “Number” → Pull down → Click “Call Forwarding” → Slide open the button on the right → Input the phone number to forward your calls.

Regarding Fees for CoverMe Phone Number

When making calls from CoverMe phone number to all other phone numbers, the receiving party does not pay fees. If a party who is not using a CoverMe phone number calls to your CoverMe phone number then the caller pays the fees to his mobile plan and you also pay the normal fees according to CoverMe’s rates.

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