How to Mask Phone Number When Calling and Texting

You may ask, “Why do I need to hide my real number?” Well, it’s ok if you don’t have the idea of concealing your number a few years ago, but now you really have to pay close attention to it, as there are several reasons you may start to hide your real number. Below, here are two examples that may raise your awareness of this urgent issue.

Amy T is a 27-year-old banker. A decade ago, when she was still in high school, she registered a Facebook account, as Facebook was very popular back then. During the registration, she was asked to provide her phone number due to Facebook’s safety regulations, so she did as it said. Nothing special happened in the first few years, until one day, she suddenly received marketing messages from 20+ different companies that she had not subscribed to before. Yes, this is what happened to most of the Facebook users after the company’s severe data leak.

David L is a 42-year-old manager. Recently he started to use a dating app, trying to find a fresh date. He was interested in a woman who also had a good impression of him, so they exchanged numbers naturally. But things didn’t go smoothly, as he found that he did not want to continue dating this woman anymore. The woman got so angry that she started calling David all the time, which seriously disrupted his work and life.

See? This is why you need to mask your real numbers in some circumstances.

How to Hide Your Phone Number when Necessary?

Everyone should hide their private phone numbers but not everyone knows.

Your phone number is so closely connected with your private information online.

It’s dramatically common to find that your phone number is required as an online account is being created on a website or an application since a valid phone number is believed to equal a real identity in the real life. Normally, a verification code is required to be provided to guarantee a really valid registration. Your phone number plays a role as your online identity card so that all of your online information in your online account registered based on your phone number can be tracked, which will be a disaster when it comes to your bank account information.

Your phone number is probably sold to other individuals or parties that will market you.

Another reason for online websites or services calling for your phone number is to possibly sell your phone numbers to other individuals or parties for profits. It doesn’t mean all online service providers do like that but most do. At least, your phone number is a good potential customer source for them to expand their business to other fields. If a new application or service comes out, your phone number is a useful marketing tool.

Your phone number isn’t necessary to be provided for some temporary cases.

As you deal with some temporary cases like one-time online shopping, it’s unnecessary for you to let the other party know your private phone number. It’s insecure as well. It’s risky for you to be disturbed as David mentioned at the beginning of this article.

Multiple Ways to Mask Your Phone Number

There are multiple ways to mask phone numbers when calling and texting, using a block code, masking caller ID, or using an extra number.

Hide Your Phone Number with a Block Code

There’s a magic number that is capable of hiding the phone number. Add “67” before the target’s number, mobile, or landline, and the number owner’s identity won’t be seen on the phone belonging to the other party. It’s a good idea to add “67” before each number that is stored on the contact list so that the number will be automatically hidden as it’s dialed out.

  • Pros
  • Free
  • Cons
  • Compatible with US numbers only
  • Easy to forget to add
  • Manual operation

Hide Your Phone Number by Masking Caller ID

This method to hide your phone number isn’t supported by all smartphones or providers. Your caller ID can be changed or masked by some settings so that your calls or texts will be anonymous.

Mask your caller ID on iPhone

  • Step 1. Open the “Settings” and select “Show My Caller ID”.
  • Step 2. Disenable “Show My Caller ID” to mask your caller ID.

Mask your caller ID on Android

Note: not all Android smartphones can be similarly set according to the procedures to be displayed below. It depends on your smartphone brand and model.

  • Step 1. Open Call App and enter the “Settings”.
  • Step 2. Select “Additional Settings”.
  • Step 3. Tap “Caller ID” and select “Hide number” to successfully mask your caller ID on Android smartphone.
  • Pros
  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Cons
  • Incompatible on all smartphones or devices
  • Not supported by all telecommunication providers

Hide Your Phone Number with a Second Number

To hide your real phone number, using a second phone number is also a solution, and it is strongly suggested.

A second number can be purchased from some convenience stores or a second number app. When it comes to the former method, it’s inconvenient and costly and not all countries have such SIM cards. To use a second number with a SIM card, another phone is also needed.

On the contrary, getting a second number from a second number app is a better solution due to the following advantages:

  • Easy to get and use
  • Cost saved
  • Call and text anytime and anywhere

How to get a second number from CoverMe and hide your private number

  • Step 1. Download and install CoverMe on your device.
  • Step 2. Sign up for CoverMe and purchase a phone number based on your favors. A local or international number can be selected.
  • Step 3. Next time when you need to use a phone number temporarily, the CoverMe number can be provided without exposing your private phone number.

Bottom Line

  • Everyone should hide their private phone numbers but not everyone knows.
  • There are multiple ways to hide your private phone number and using a second number app is an optimal one.
  • Apart from hiding your phone number, CoverMe also has other security features protecting your online privacy.

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