Use CoverMe Phone Number to Start a Small Business

Do you ever dream of quitting your desk job and starting your own food truck business? Have a talent for knitting or jewelry making and want to sell your creations on Etsy? Starting a business can be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do. It’s taking a risk, but it’s a challenge that can change your life forever.
To start on the path of creating your business, you might want to transition gradually. Start a small business on the side to test your business plan and don’t quit your regular job just yet. To help you start your small business, getting a separate business phone number should be your first step. You’ll need a business phone number to run your Etsy shop, to put on flyers for your food truck and to give out to suppliers and customers.
A service like CoverMe can provide you with a real U.S. or Canada business phone number that works just like a real phone number from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Rogers, Bell or Telus. You first input the area code of the phone number and then you can select the phone number you want. You can text and make phone calls with this new number and it’s like having two phone numbers on one phone.
With CoverMe, you can configure unique ringtones for your business phone number. This will help you quickly distinguish if an incoming call is from your personal contacts, from work or your new small business. When you hear the call is from your business phone number, you’ll know it’s an important call and you’ll be prepared when you answer it.
As with any real phone number, you can set-up call-blocking, call-forwarding and voicemail on your CoverMe business phone number. You can record your own voicemail message for your small business and sound like a professional company.
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