How to Get A Second Phone Number on The Same Phone

Why do you need to get two numbers on one phone?

The first obvious reason for getting a second number is to avoid all those unwanted spam calls. Have you ever bought something online and been asked to provide your phone number? It happens all the time, and then frequently your details are passed on to a third party who calls you up either trying to sell you something else or asking if you’ve been in an accident. And the worst thing is that because it comes through to your only phone number as an unidentified caller, you don’t have any way of knowing whether it’s a call you want or one that you don’t.
The same is true for if you are out at a bar and get asked for your number – perhaps you’ve met up with someone from a dating app and found out they don’t quite live up to their picture. In those instances, having to give out your number is often an uncomfortable experience.
If you have two phone numbers, however, whenever you are on a website that asks for your details or out in a bar with a stranger, you can just provide your spare number. That way, any calls that come through to the temporary phone number are ones you can safely ignore! And you can keep your private number for close friends and family.

How to get a second phone number

There are a few ways to get two numbers. People used to carry around two different phones – a working one and a personal one – but not only is it expensive to buy two phones just to get a second number, but it is also impractical. Who wants to carry more than one device these days?
The other option you have is to purchase two sim cards. But there are very few phones out there that actually take two sim cards, and so you’ll be stuck having to swap them over every time you want to use your second phone number. That’s more effort than just carrying around two phones!
Your other option for getting two numbers on the same phone is to use an eSIM. An eSIM is basically an embedded SIM card that works similarly to a regular SIM except it is rewritable and so allows you to switch mobile phone operators. This could be a good option if your phone supports Dual SIM or eSIM, but most do not.
The other option, and the one that’s available to everyone without the hassle of having two sim cards or even two phones, is to get an app like CoverMe that offers a second phone number. The apps operate almost identically to a regular number – you can call and text numbers in the US, Canada, and China, and you can even receive calls from people who do not have the app.

Why should you get a second phone number with CoverMe?

CoverMe is great for a whole load of situations, and you can use it as a temporary second phone number or just a full alternative to your normal number. It’s reliable, provides caller identification, and has several fantastic privacy features. Here are a few:

End-to-end Encryption: When you use a regular number, your calls are transmitted across an unprotected phone network, meaning anyone can intercept them without your knowledge. However, CoverMe uses high-security end-to-end encryption on its calls, which means you’ll be safe from hacking and surveillance from unwanted third parties. This is particularly important if you are making a call to discuss business strategy or just don’t want anyone listening in!

Private Texting: When you use a regular number, your texts often show up on your monthly phone bill and there is a chance that your mobile phone operator or even just the people you live with could get their hands on the list of numbers that you have been texting. But with CoverMe’s second number app, your texts are totally off the record – you can use it like a burner phone or a secret texting app. The texts you send won’t appear on your phone bill, and you can also remain anonymous and highly secured thanks to the encryption the app uses. So there’s no need to worry about someone nosing through your phone bill.

Private Vault: Have you ever lent your phone to someone to look at a picture or make a call and suddenly realized you’ve got some embarrassing photos in your gallery – perhaps a nude selfie or a gift idea? With CoverMe, not only do you get a second number on one phone, but you also get an integrated password-protected picture vault. This allows you to store all your private photos in a secure location behind a dot-lock. And, better still, you can hide all kinds of things: files, videos, and even audio notes. So it’s great for business documents or password management as well!

What’s left to think about?

Getting two numbers on one phone provides you additional flexibility and privacy when managing your work and social life. It’s a way to take back control of your most important device and prevent unwanted spam calls and privacy intrusions. And while there are a few other options out there like an eSIM or buying a second phone, nothing is as simple and secure as a second number app like CoverMe. Its private texting features, password-protected vault, and an array of useful features like call screening and full anonymity mean you can finally communicate with peace of mind.

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