CoverMe Secret Message App Cares About Your Privacy

Everyone has their own secrets that we want to keep to ourselves and we all need a private space that only belongs to us. The private data we keep on our phones is vulnerable to the people around us. They can peek over our shoulder and discover some suspicious looking apps on our phone. They can take our phone when we are not there and read your texts and photos. What can we do to protect our phones and ourselves? We need a private space that can’t be invaded by others, that can’t even be seen by others! Let CoverMe secret message app give you that private space to hold all your texts, photos, videos, documents and passwords!
CoverMe has been specially designed by security experts to give users the highest level of protection for their privacy. Inside CoverMe is a special personal vault where you can have a private space for yourself. Here you can store all your texts, photos, videos and documents. There is even a password manager to help you generate and store unique random passwords that are hard to crack. The personal vault can be hidden from view so that people looking through your phone won’t even know it’s there. Inside the vault, you can also write and store documents. It’s the perfect place to keep your secret diary.

CoverMe can be disguised as a common newsreader app so that other people won’t even know you are using a secret message app!
With CoverMe secret message app, users can control the level of privacy in their messages. There are 4 levels of privacy ranging from:
1) Normal—Messages do not self-destruct and can be forwarded, copied, and saved.
2) Protected—Messages do not self-destruct, but cannot be forwarded, copied, or saved.
3) Delete Later—Messages will be deleted after a certain amount of time.
4) Delete On Read—Messages immediately self-destruct after being read.
The most important feature in a secret message app is to be able to encrypt text messages. When both users are chatting through CoverMe, the chat is encrypted end-to-end. This means that when you send a text, it will be encrypted and then sent to your receiver. Your receiver holds a special key to decrypt the message. Anyone who tries to intercept your messages will not be able to decrypt the message without the special key.
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