How to Get a 516 Area Code Phone Number

Long Island in New York stretches out for 118 miles from the mouth of the Hudson River. It’s known locally as ‘the Island’, compared with ‘the City’, which refers to Manhattan. Famous for its world-renowned beach, golf courses, and historical lighthouses, Long Island is also home to thousands of businesses that use the 516 area code. For companies looking to secure a local presence in the area, downloading CoverMe is a quick and simple way to get a second phone number for business calls.

Where Is the 516 Area Code?

The 516 area code covers all businesses and residences in the Nassau County section of Long Island, which lies to the south of the main part of New York. Known as a tourist haven, Long Island boasts a healthy leisure sector and a thriving cultural industry with many museums, lighthouses, and sandy beaches.

Nassau County in particular boasts over 90,000 small and medium-sized businesses, pulling in billions of dollars every year. And the local area code 516 is a desirable number for anyone looking to establish a local presence in New York or the United States generally.

The History of the 516 Area Code

Like most area codes in the US, Nassau County received its first area code in 1947 when AT&T set up the American Numbering Plan. The area was given 914, along with Suffolk County in the Lower Hudson Valley and the whole of the New York State section of the metropolitan area. However, with a growing population and increasing strain on the capacity, Nassau County received its current designation as 516. Since then, the code has become very desirable for local businesses.

There are lots of 516 combinations still available for businesses, but the total capacity is expected to run out somewhere around 2024-2025. So, if you want a local presence in the area, now is a good time to get the 516 number, which will soon be a hot commodity!

What Time Zone Is the 516 Number?

Nassau County operates in the same time zone as the rest of New York, which is Eastern Standard Time (UTC or GMT -4). That means that if you are operating outside the US, for example in Europe, it is still easy enough to commit to regular opening hours for your number.

If you are planning to get a second phone number for the New York area, remember daylight saving time when the clocks go forward one hour. You can find the timing here.

Why Get a Local Phone Number with CoverMe?

New York is the business capital of the world, so getting a second phone number with the 516 area code is a smart move for businesses looking to gain reputation and establish their credibility as a legitimate operator in America. If you have a local number, customers trust your business more, and they don’t have to pay high fees to call you. With CoverMe, you get unlimited access to a wide variety of New York numbers for as long as you need, so you can set up a secure line in the city.

The CoverMe app is easy to navigate, and they have a wide range of international numbers available for all sorts of local regions in the US, Canada, the UK, and elsewhere. Just check out their website to find out more. They also have a wealth of customization options available, so you can get the perfect number for the perfect location. Just pick what you want!

CoverMe numbers work just like regular numbers. They are totally real and highly reliable, meaning you can send and receive messages, browse the internet, make calls, and sign up to social media sites or other platforms to boost your online presence.

Your CoverMe number will last for as long as you need it to. Just pick the one you want and it is yours. When you’re finished with it, you can burn it, meaning all your data associated with the number is also deleted. Since this all happens in-app, it’s far more convenient than buying a separate phone to use as a burner.

Always looking out for its customers, CoverMe has equipped its service with a full suite of security protocols. Your numbers are protected by end-to-end encryption protocols that mean your privacy and security are never at risk. Thanks to the unique security combinations used by CoverMe, you can rest assured that your data cannot be intercepted by third parties.

How to Get a 516 Phone Number in CoverMe?

You can do the whole process in about five minutes from your mobile device. Just head to the App Store or Google Play and search for CoverMe. Download it, create an account, and then jump to the bottom of the screen where it says “CoverMe Phone Numbers”. Hit “Continue”, then type in the area code you want or the city name if you don’t know the code, hit “Search:”, and then choose the number that you want from the list. It’s that simple!

You should also know that CoverMe comes brimming with a whole host of additional security features designed to protect your business and keep your data secure.

  1. End-to-End Encrypted Group Chats. The CoverMe app lets you create group messages with your work colleagues or customers, so you can share documents, videos and send messages. And everything is securely encrypted so your privacy is never at risk.
  2. Personal Vault. You’ll also get access to a personal vault protected by a pin and secured via encryption. This lets you store any sensitive files or data you have right on your phone. And they’ll never find their way into a cloud service.
  3. Message Recall. If you send a client a message by mistake that contains sensitive information, just hit the recall button and it will be deleted from their app.
  4. Self-Destructing Messages. Another data-protection feature is messages that have a timer attached to them and then delete themselves. This helps prevent your data from being forwarded to other people.
  5. Multiple Numbers. There is no limit to the number of numbers you can have on CoverMe, meaning you can keep your work and personal life completely separate and also establish a local presence in as many areas as you need.

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