How to Send A Self-Destructing Text Message?

Being able to send a message that disappears itself after it arrives is a great way to keep your personal information private and ensure that your messages don’t fall into the wrong hands. This is important in a world where our personal information is constantly being monitored by social media companies and when we are talking to strangers online. And, ensuring that you are able to delete sent messages is a great way to prevent your communications from being read if your friends lose their mobile devices.

What is a Self-Destructing Message?

It might sound like something out of a James Bond thriller, but self-destructing messages are real. And, they can help keep your communications private. Put simply, a self-destructing message – like the ones that CoverMe and Telegram provide – work just like a regular text message. You write them and send them to whichever number you want. This can be any number in the world that is using CoverMe’s messaging app. Then, after a set amount of time or upon being read, they disappear from the other phone, leaving absolutely no record whatsoever.

With CoverMe, you can also choose to recall sent messages that don’t have the self-destruct mechanism enabled. That’s great if you accidentally send a personal message to the wrong person or accidentally share work details with the wrong colleague. Just a couple of taps and the message will be safely returned to you.

Why Should You Use Disappearing Message App?

You need a secret texting app that makes messages disappear in order to retain your privacy. One of the big problems with sharing files and sending messages to people over the internet is that your data can remain on one or more people’s devices for an indefinite amount of time. That means that they can distribute it to whoever they want, whenever they want – without you having a say! A secret messaging app that creates disappearing messages is an excellent safety device that allows you to retain control over your personal information, whether that’s phone numbers, bank details, or just private messages.

Of course, another reason to use an app that makes text messages self-destruct is to have some fun! It’s exciting to be able to send messages to other people, knowing that they will disappear after a while – like Snapchat but with messages. Unfortunately, most other services that provide ‘self-destructing’ messages still leave evidence on the recipient’s phone, so they are not totally secure. Only CoverMe provides a truly safe and secure method of self-destructing messages.

How Does Self-Destructing Messaging Work?

It’s simple, when you use CoverMe you send a message to anyone you want – they don’t have to have the CoverMe app – and then after it is read it automatically disappears.

CoverMe has loads of great customization options as well. You can set the message to disappear immediately after it has been read or after a set period of time. CoverMe’s technology allows you to completely wipe all traces of the message from the recipient’s phone remotely and automatically, whenever you decide. That’s great news if you need to send time-sensitive information with an expiry, or if you want to reserve your message for the eyes of the recipient only rather than anyone who happens to be snooping through their mobile device.

How to Send a Self-Destructing Message on CoverMe

Simple! Just go to your messages tab. You’ll see there are four different modes of security level, and these range from Normal through to Protected, Delete After a Set Time Period, and Delete on Reading. Just select whichever one of these suits your purposes.

In normal mode, messages operate just like regular ones. They do not self-destruct, and the recipients can forward them, copy them, save them, and download them.

In protected mode, messages don’t self-destruct. However, CoverMe’s security features prevent them from being forwarded, copied, or saved. So it’s great for knowing exactly who has the information you shared.

Then there’s the two self-destruct modes.

  • Under Delete After a Set Time, you can choose the time limit and select however long you like.
  • With Delete on Read, your messages will disappear immediately after they have been read. This is great for sharing time-sensitive information that you don’t want passed around or written down.

By activating these modes, you’ll be taking your security to the next level – keeping your private messages secret, secure, and unable to be spread around, copied, and taken advantage of.

How CoverMe Protect Your Privacy from Head to Toe

CoverMe is the best app available for all-around mobile security, and it comes with some great additional features. The downloadable app uses military-grade encryption features like end-to-end encryption to keep you anonymous online and prevent malicious third parties from hacking your data.

With CoverMe, you can create alternative numbers to text and call people anonymously or even sign up to websites like Tinder and Facebook. It uses high-tech security to encrypt outgoing data using VoIP, meaning no one other than your intended recipient will be able to unscramble the messages. And, even better, none of it will appear on your phone bill.

You can also create private groups with friends so you can share messages with them, send files, photos and videos, and even broadcast to them. And you can use the self-destructing messages feature within these groups as well.

CoverMe also has several other security features. It gives you a personal vault in which you can store all of your private data including text messages, photos, videos, and other types of file.

CoverMe can be downloaded from the Google Play store for Androids or the Apple Store for iPhones. It’s fully cross-device compatible and works on all major brands of mobile phone. Take charge of your security today by downloading here.

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