How to stop people right clicking and saving your photos in a chat?

While chatting apps make it easy to share with friends, we are finding ourselves losing control of our privacy. You may send a personal text to your colleague a by a slip of hand. A personal photo that you send to your best friend may end up going viral the next day: either your friend shared your photo or your conversation was hacked.
Such problem does not only happen to the celebrities, but every one of us is at the risk of ubiquitous information leak.

Any way out?

A secure messaging app provides your an extra layer of privacy:
End-to-end encryption keeps your conversation safe against hackers. That is, only the sender and the receiver are able to view the message, no third person can peep into the chat.
Message sent to the wrong person? Just recall it. With message recall feature, what is done can be undone.
Feel like a secret talk? Self-destruct messages allow you the same level of security as spoken words. No chat log will ever be recorded. You don’t bother to check if you have deleted the sensitive information because messages will automatically delete on read.
There are 4 security levels at your choice to meet different security needs.

  1. Normal—Messages do not self-destruct and can be forwarded, copied, and saved.
  2. Protected—Messages do not self-destruct, but cannot be forwarded, copied, or saved.
  3. Delete Later—Messages will be deleted after a certain amount of time. (You can set the period ranging from 5 mins to 30 days)
  4. Delete On Read—Messages immediately self-destruct after being read, which is designed for the ultimate security concern.

When you raise security level to 2, 3 or 4, the recipient cannot even store the message you sent without your confirmation. Cool!
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