Top 5 Steps to Avoid Having Compromising Photos of You Published Online

Teacher’s Phone Stolen, Nude Pictures Leaked; Administrators Blame Teacher. This shocking headline is a real story happened to Anne Arthur, a math teacher.

Every day there are people waking up to find their personal and very intimate pictures, or videos, published online on for all to see. Their stories and situations are heartbreaking. Almost always their reputation has been severely impacted by the publication of these deeply personal photos or videos on the internet.

Shockingly, over 95% of the personal cases we see are women and teenage girls. These 5 steps have been written for women to help protect them against online harassment.

  • Do NOT take pictures (or videos) of yourself in any compromising position especially undressed.
  • If you do take pictures (or videos) of yourself in the nude (or in various stages of undress) , do NOT send them to anyone. The risk is simply too high. Even if you completely trust the person. What happens if their phone, or laptop or pc is stolen? What happens if their email is hacked? Your picture can be shared for the whole world to see.
  • If someone takes an intimate, private, personal picture (or video) of you, ask them to delete it. If you are not interested in sharing this personal photo (or video) with all of your friends, family, co-workers, future in-laws or husband, make sure you see that it has been deleted.
  • If the picture(s) (or videos) was taken by a professional, make sure you own / have the original memory card the photos (or videos) were taken on – or see they are deleted.
  • Do not post or upload intimate, personal pictures or videos onto any website. This includes all social media and dating sites.

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