Keep Your Chat Private With This Secure Group Messaging App

When young people discover the latest hot trends, they love to tell all their friends about it. Sending a message to each friend one by one can take a lot of time, especially if you are a social butterfly with hundreds of friends!

We are familiar with CoverMe’s secure encrypted private text messages, but did you know that CoverMe also offers secure group messaging? All the features that make CoverMe’s text messages so secure and safe are included for the group messages.

To prevent members of your group chat from spreading your message to others without your consent, you can configure messages to disappear after the recipient has read them. You can send messages that self-destruct immediately after reading or at a scheduled time and you can directly recall a message.

CoverMe’s military-grade encryption algorithm that keeps your text messages private also works for secure group messaging. Only you and your group members can read the message because an encryption key is needed to decode the message and only your recipients have that encryption key. Messages are not saved on CoverMe’s servers, so you don’t have to worry about security leaks.

CoverMe’s gives you two types of secure group messaging. You can start a group chat where any member can send a message and all the other members can read and reply to the message. This option is good for when you’re planning a group event and you want everyone’s input and discussion. The other type of secure group messaging  is a broadcast message where you send a message to many people. All the members see that you are the sender and they can read and reply to your message, but they will not see the replies from other members. This kind of message is good for when you need to send a message to many people but you do not want them to interact with each other.

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