CoverMe’s Vault: A Secure Space for Your Private Data

There are many reasons why you may want to keep some information on your phone hidden from others. You might have confidential business communications, personal information or anything else that you want to keep private. Android offers its users many features, but one important area where it is lacking is a secure space to store your private data. That’s where CoverMe can step in to help.

CoverMe allows you to:

1.Hide photos, videos, documents, audio clips and notes

The CoverMe personal android vault is a location which is fully encrypted and hidden from view. When you log in to the Personal Vault using your password, you access all your hidden and encrypted files. The Personal Vault can copy files from your main storage or other locations and lock these files away from those who you do not wish to see them with unbreakable encryption.

2.Use a secured camera (Vault Camera)

You can take pictures while you are in the android vault and the photos will be directly saved in the vault, without having to go through your phone’s camera roll.

3.Hide Contacts

Contacts can be stored in CoverMe android vault’s private address book. This way, if someone gets hold of your phone and looks through your system address book, they will never find the secret contacts you want to keep hidden.

4.Hide call/SMS logs

When you use CoverMe to make calls or send SMS, the calls and texts are encrypted and the record logs will not appear on your mobile phone bill, keeping your trail clean.

5.Manage passwords

With so many passwords that we need to remember, it is easy to forget a few. CoverMe’s android vault has a password manager that can help you safely store any password you wish to keep, such as bank account passwords, email passwords, etc. CoverMe can also generate unique hard-to-crack passwords for you to use.

6.Encrypted cloud storage

With CoverMe cloud storage, you can save all your confidential information in a special cloud space allocated just for you, accessible whenever you need. CoverMe’s cloud has multiple levels of password protection making it a highly secure place to store your documents.

CoverMe gives you additional features, including:
1.Dot lock (double password)
3.Auto-lock in background
4.Break-in alarm

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