Let CoverMe Protect Your Messages!

We live in an era where privacy is a luxury. Any photos , videos or messages that we send to our friends are at risk of being intercepted and read by others. If the message safely reaches your friend without being intercepted, your own friend may pass on your message to others without your permission. How can you make sure your messages are not intercepted or passed on without your consent? You can let CoverMe’s encrypted messaging take care of your security worries!
CoverMe’s engineers are experts at designing functions to protect your private messages, photos and videos. Our encryption technology is proven to withstand brute force hacking and end-to-end encrypted messaging means that only you and your receiver can read the messages you send with the CoverMe app. Even if hackers can intercept your message, they will not be able to decipher your message without the unique encryption key held by your recipient. The encrypted messaging is so safe that not even CoverMe’s own engineers can decipher the message.
Another special function from CoverMe is that you can have your messages delete automatically after your recipient reads it. You can set the message to delete immediately after reading, delete after a certain time or you can recall the message when you want. This great function helps ensure that your recipient will not be able to send the message to others without you knowing about it. You reduce the spread of your private messages, photos and videos. You can send top-secret messages that will disappear from your recipients phone and you won’t leave any evidence behind.
The CoverMe mobile app also has many other useful functions to help you protect your privacy in this modern world. CoverMe’s private vault stores your data in an invisible, impenetrable vault and our cloud storage service gives you a secure space in the cloud to back-up your data. The private vault, secure cloud storage and encrypted messaging all make CoverMe an indispensable app for your phone.
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