How to Store and Share Private Photos Safely?

Taking photos remains one of the most popular ways to keep precious moments but many have given up this idea due to the risk of private photos being exposed through the internet. Some keep this habit but are in breathless anxiety while storing private photos in their phones, let alone sending them to close friends. How to store and share private photos safely? Let’s use CoverMe – an app for ultimate privacy encryption.

Powerful private vault

With the powerful private vault of CoverMe, private photos are safely stored and won’t show up in the photo gallery of the phone. What’s more, CoverMe is protected with strong password. You can also set up extra Dot-lock for the vault. Even if others enter CoverMe, the private photos won’t be peeked. Just like regular photo albums, the vault supports folder management, editing, deleting and backup. Photos can be imported by directly taken.

Private sharing

Private photos are totally safe shared through CoverMe. Messages sent by CoverMe are delivered over encrypted network. Send private photos to close friends on CoverMe and they won’t be exposed. The photos in the vault can be selected and sent directly to your CoverMe friends.

Download CoverMe from App Store or Google Play

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