Panning Gold from Dirt — How to Quickly Improve the Opportunity to Find Love on Tinder for Over 50

You may be surprised about the fact that there is a large group of people over 50 looking for online dating, and many have already been involved in it. Unfortunately, most of them can’t find their mates through various dating apps and just end up this pitiful journey by deleting the apps. To them, it seems that online dating, as a new way of making friends, finding hookups or even finding love to be married, is just useless at all. Don’t they deserve a suitable online date? No, they just use those dating apps in the wrong way. Want to know how 50-plus ladies/men should behave when dating online to be more attractive? You should never miss this article!

Why is Tinder Always Blamed that It doesn’t Work for Those Over 50?

Do you always blame Tinder for its working for everyone but YOU?

Have you lost confidence or patience in online dating because you feel that you aren’t young enough to use it?

Are you just giving it up because you are not willing to learn new things?

Actually, the problem is never the age, but your possible wrong way.

Is Such a Negative Conclusion about Tinder for Over 50 being Made Too Early?

People find love in different ways at different times. In ancient times, knights usually dueled to decide who could be the husband or a lady from a prestigious family. Decades ago, posting ads about finding mates in newspapers was a total craze. Gone are the days when many people found their love through matchmaking agencies/websites, and now, through online dating apps, people themselves have access to more and better choices.

If online dating came along when you were still a young lady/man, then you, too, can get your hands on chicks for sure. Therefore, your main problem right now is that you haven’t adapted to this new way of dating. Don’t make excuses that you can’t find the ONE because of your age, and also don’t jump to the conclusion too early that you’re not cut out for online dating. All you need to do is to see how the youngster are using such apps in a smart way, and just learn.

It’s Easy to Swipe Right Anyone on Tinder while it’s Similarly Easy to Swipe Left.

It’s quite effortless to say no to a person on online dating sites like Tinder, which is easier than in person. If you don’t like his/her appearance, bio or even name, just swipe left, and maybe expect the next is better. After all, there are so many potential dates waiting for you to discover, and mistakenly or randomly passing one or two is just nothing at all.

What’s more, an interesting fact is that: people tend to look for other’s flaws when dating online, while trying to discover what they like in each other when dating in person. If you find one fits in exactly with your wish in conversation, you will not easily jump to the conclusion that he or she is the one for you, as you still want to see if there is a better one. But things have to be clarified, that direct rejection means that you probably missed a potential match.

Another reason why over 50s find it hard to seek for a good match is that maybe they are way too demanding! The higher a standard, the fewer the matches. Just close those unnecessary filters to increase your success rate!

Profiles are Always Likely to be Misunderstood.

Provide a real profile and know a profile is just one aspect of a person or a reflection of most people’s expectations.

Perhaps you’ve just met someone who is good at describing themselves as what you’ve expected. Mostly, only advantages are included in the profile, and therefore nobody’s profile really represents what they’re like in real life. Please don’t over-interpret it, or else you’ll have a preconceived view that maps the one directly to someone you’ve met before. Take it as an example: if a certain habit or description in the profile of your potential date is very similar to your ex, you are likely to straightly think that everything about this match, whether strengths and weaknesses are just as similar as your ex’s, and therefore you swipe left.

Algorithms are Always Thought Highly of.

Don’t trust or expect algorithms too much since algorithms won’t decide for you but yourself! Some dating apps advertise that they are based on their strong, excellent self-developed algorithms that can match you with the most suitable person, but the truth is, all of the matches are decided by the filters you set, which means you are the one to make the decision. Algorithm may provide you with several targeted candidates, but it relies on the profiles and questions raised during the background check of those candidates. It can never send you the right person automatically. After all, AI (Artificial Intelligence) can never act like a real person.

Are Right Opening Lines being Used by 50-Plus Users on Tinder?

Are you new to the Tinder family but don’t know how to take the first step? Do you have someone in mind but are stuck in his/her interface and don’t know how to send an opening message? Don’t worry. All you need to do is to send a right pickup line to the one you’re interested in. A too simple “Hi” is the least recommended method to start a conversation. Everyone says that. To significantly increase your response rate, you need to use some unique and personal opening phrases. Topics like your birthplace, food, hobbies, and travel, when incorporated into your opening, are all likely to elicit a desire to respond.

Free Online Dating Service May Spoil Tinder Dates for Over 50.

Free apps usually attract those who don’t expect to find a true romance, perhaps just for some fun. There are also some criminals, scammers on it to steal your online identity, data and privacy. Tinder, as you all know, is a company that is always at the forefront of the dating industry which has started its online dating service early on, and now it is definitely the hottest and most used dating app all around the world. However, it has long been seen as a platform for hook up or 419, while users find it pretty hard to successfully hit a long-term relationship on it. This is not groundless. In fact, the majority of its users are still just looking for one-night stands. (It also has to do with its free service.) As Tinder’s free online dating service may spoil potential dates for 50-plus users, its premium plans, Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold and Tinder Platinum can also be put into consideration.

Why do Those Over 50 Call for Online Dating?

Have you ever found that the profiles of those over 50s are generally like this: She’s over 55, has been married, had kids, owns a home, and has been providing for herself for years. She was no longer looking for someone to take care of her — she was doing a fine job already — but someone to love and be loved by? Well, this is because most of them are hoping to find true love, a committed relationship or even a marriage, not for sexual or childbearing purposes.

Sometimes, for some who are sent to other countries for work reasons, it is even more difficult to find their love due to their narrow social circles. (As they are foreigners, it’s not as easy to make friends as in their motherland.) Therefore, online dating apps provide them a brand-new way to solve the problem, as one wrote in his profile, “What was exciting was I was meeting people I would never meet (through the internet)”. What’s more, after the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, those who are in lockdown cities can only meet friends and find dates online, which also leads to the prevalence of online dating apps.

Easy-to-Use Tips for Over 50 on Tinder to Make a Perfect Match

These days, using online dating apps like Tinder is often the first option for someone looking for romance, not the last. For people over 50, it is also no exception. Although there are so many difficulties laying in front of them to find true love on Tinder, they shouldn’t give it up, as things are getting better. The internet is becoming an increasingly essential part of everyone’s life, and there are more and more online dating apps users appearing due to the epidemic. Want to go with the flow and seize the precious opportunity on Tinder? The key is to learn how to use it in the right way.

Enlarge Candidates

Are you worried that there are too few candidates collected by the algorithm on your home page? You must have set too many filters. Therefore, to get more potential dates, you can close those unnecessary filters. But it’s not advisable to use no filters at all, because all users, whether good or bad, will flood into your home page if you turn off all filters. To keep you safe from those bad guys and let you find your potential partner more accurately, you still need to take some key factors into consideration, including:

  • Do they really need to live right around the corner? Or is it enough that they’d be willing to travel to meet you?
  • Do they really need to have a professional background? Or is it more important that they are interesting and fun?
  • Do they really need to be five years younger than you? Or is it the main thing that they are young enough in spirit to do the things you want to do?
  • Do they really need to be good-looking? Or is it enough that they have interesting souls?

Don’t Think Highly of Algorithms

Stop overestimating algorithms. As it is said before that algorithm may provide you with several targeted candidates, but it relies on the profiles and questions raised during the background check of those candidates. After all, you are the final decision maker rather than algorithms. Algorithms can send you roughly appropriate candidates according to your filters, but you should always trust yourself!

Consider Premium within Budget

50-plus ladies/men usually need higher efficiency and more accurate recommended dates. Since Tinder is a platform where good and bad mixed together, you can try its premium services within your budget to find a high-quality date in an easier way. However, you shouldn’t choose Tinder’s premium plans casually as there are three plans dedicated for different types of users. Instead, you can find the best plan for you according to the following plan description.

  • Tinder Plus: with Tinder Plus, you have the chance to give unlimited likes, receive unlimited rewinds, get passport to any location and hide ads. For those who are over the age of 30, Tinder Plus costs $9.99 per month, $29.99 for 6 months, and $39.99 per year.
  • Tinder Gold: with Tinder Gold, you can see who likes you, get new top picks every day, give out 5 super likes a week, get one free boost a month and enjoy everything you love from Tinder Plus. For those who are over the age of 30, Tinder Gold costs $29.99 per month, $89.99 for 6 months and $119.99 per year.
  • Tinder Platinum: with Tinder Platinum, you can chat with those candidates before matching, enjoy prioritized likes, see the likes you’ve sent in the last 7 days, and enjoy everything you love from Tinder Gold. For those who are over the age of 30, Tinder Platinum costs $39.99 per month, $119.99 for 6 months and $149.99 per year.

Stop Believing Profiles, Just Talk to Them

You can’t just sit back and wait for the algorithm to deliver your Ms./Mr. right, even if you pay for Tinder’s premium plan and close unnecessary filters. To know what one is like in real life, you must talk with him/her. If you want to seize the opportunity close at hand, you must learn how to capture others’ eyes right from the start — learn to break the ice with attractive pickup lines.

Keep Safe Always

Last but not least, you need to be safe at all times. Although nearly all the internet giants have announced that they’re taking action to protect users’ privacy and information security, massive information leakage still happens every year. Do you still remember Facebook’s data leakage few month ago? About 530 million people had some personal information leaked, including, in some cases, phone numbers. So now it seems that consumers don’t trust big companies anymore, regardless of whether these companies intend to sell the collected users’ information or inadvertently leak it. See? If you use your own number to register a Tinder account, this number could be unsafe.

The best way to keep your account safe is to use an extra number generating by second number apps like CoverMe. It is free to use, and you don’t need to worry about those annoying banner ads, because it is green and clean. It contains wonderful features like:

Private Phone Number: In CoverMe, you can get one or more disposable phone numbers for text messages and calls for your different businesses and social life.

  • Disappearing Messages: Message can be set to self-destruct if you want, so that no one can snoop your conversation.
  • Secure Vault: CoverMe has a safe vault to lock your private photos, videos, passwords, notes and documents with cloud backup.

Now it’s time for you to try CoverMe to protect your privacy!

Bottom Line

  • Tinder is always blamed that it doesn’t work for those over 50 because they use it in the wrong way.
  • Most of the 50-plus Tinder users are hoping to find true love, a committed relationship or even a marriage, not for sexual or childbearing purposes.
  • You should learn some easy-to-use tips to make a perfect match on Tinder.

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