How to Recover CoverMe Password?

CoverMe users often email us to ask what they can do when they have forgotten their password. Today’s topic will be about how you can regain access to your CoverMe account.

First of all, you will need to set-up a master password and link your mobile phone number.

How to set up a master password?

Enter CoverMe → More → My Account & Passwords → Master Password → Set-up Now

Input master password → Choose a security question → Enter the answer (Make sure you choose a question and answer you can remember) → Next → Use your current geographical location or enter a different address (For ex: Home or office) → Move the map to set-up Geo Fence → Next → Enter a name for this Geo Fence → Next → Enter your email address → Confirm

Go to your email account → Click the link to confirm your email address → Return to CoverMe App → Click the “OK” button → Done

Note: Why do I need to enter a geographical location?

If you ever need to recover your master password, you must be in the same geographical location you were when you first set-up your master password. If you are in a different location, you cannot recover your master password. That’s why we suggest you enter a geographical location where you are often at, such as your home or office.

How to link your mobile number

Enter CoverMe → More → My Account & Passwords → Select Mobile → Enter your mobile number → Continue

Enter the access code sent by SMS to your mobile number

Now that you have set-up a master password and linked your mobile phone number, we can continue to discuss how to recover your passwords.

How to recover your CoverMe password?

If you forgot your CoverMe password, you can recover it following the steps below.

Method 1: Use master password to retrieve your CoverMe password

Click the “?” sign in the top right corner of the lock screen → Click “Forgot password?” → Enter your email address and master password → Next → Reset CoverMe password → Click the check mark in upper right corner to confirm.

Method 2: Re-install CoverMe

Delete CoverMe APP → Re-install CoverMe → Use your linked mobile number to re-register → Done.

Note: Deleting CoverMe APP will also delete all the photos, videos, notes, etc. data that you have stored in the APP.  So we suggest you use the master password as the preferred method to retrieve your CoverMe password.

You’ve forgotten both your CoverMe password and your master password

Make sure you are located within the Geo Fence area where you originally set-up your master password → Open CoverMe APP → Click the “?” sign in the top right corner of the lock screen → Click “Forgot Password?” → Click “Forgot Master Password?” → Enter your email address → Next

Verify your Geo Fence → Select security question (If you have forgotten your security question, click “Forgot Secret Question?” to send secret question to your email)→ Answer the question→ Reset your master password

Go to your email account and click on the link → Return to CoverMe APP → You have successfully rest your master password.

Follow the steps for “You’ve forgotten your CoverMe password” and regain access to your CoverMe account.

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