Password Protection: How to Create Strong Passwords

Many of the things we do each day requires passwords. We need a password to open our email and social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. We need a password to do online banking. We need passwords to buy things online with eBay or Paypal. We need passwords to do so many things these days! How can we create better passwords and also remember all of them? This article teaches you 4 ways to create secure passwords. 

Don’t use common words in your password

Experts recommend that we don’t use common words that can be found in a dictionary and you especially should not use words or numbers that connect to you, such as the place you were born, the name of your spouse or pet, your birthdate, etc. Hackers can quickly check through common words and numbers that they find from your online profile and try to break your password.
For secure passwords, use symbols, punctuation marks and a mixture of capitals and small letters. Also, your password should be at least 8 characters long.

Create passwords using patterns on the keyboard

Instead of using words in your password, you can try making patterns. For example, pick a letter like “k”, then create a password with all the keys around “k”, resulting in “iol,mj”. Then add some capital letters and numbers into the password to make it even more difficult to crack.

Don’t use the same password for all your accounts

If a hacker is able to break into one of your accounts, the first thing they will do is try this password for all your other accounts. They could gain access to your email, your social media and even your bank accounts! So even though you think it’s easier to use one password for every account, you are really putting yourself at a big risk.

Use a password manager

If you are having trouble creating and remembering a different password for all your accounts, you can use a password manager like CoverMe to create secure passwords. CoverMe can create strong, unique and randomized passwords for each of your accounts. You can also store these passwords in CoverMe’s secure encrypted vault.
These 4 tips will help you to create secure passwords. Don’t delay anymore! Get started today to change your passwords and make sure your accounts are safe.
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