Send Highly Secure Messages with CoverMe

With the popularization of smartphones, they have become an indispensable part of our everyday life. We are used to carrying our phones everywhere for contacting friends, listening to music, watching videos, reading news and the like. Socializing is important to our daily life, and smartphones are important to socializing. Instead of face-to-face communication or phone calls, we prefer to text for it is more convenient and we don’t have to arrange an appointment with the other one.
However, have you ever worried about the security of your messages? After all, cyber hacking is not a myth and peeping eyes can be everywhere. Your private messages may be pried from your phone or the recipients’ phones. How to solve this problem? Sending messages with CoverMe can be a favorable way to protect your privacy.

Hide messages

Messages sent through CoverMe won’t appear in “Messages” on your phone. You can set passwords and dot lock for the app, even if someone looks at your phone, he cannot see your protected messages. What’s more, messages on CoverMe are delivered through encrypted data connection. There’s no need to concern about cyber hacking and information revealing.

Full messaging control

After your message is sent, you will know whether it has been read by the recipient or not. Every single message will be marked as “read” or “unread”. You will know immediately when it is read and you can set controlling measures accordingly because CoverMe allows “self-destruct”. Your sent messages can be deleted as soon as it is read or some specific minutes later. Therefore, your messages won’t be peeked from the recipients’ phones. You may also recall or remotely wipe sent messages and never embarrassed about wrongly sent messages. Isn’t it cool?
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