Protect the Data on Your Phone

The moment we connect to the Internet, our private information becomes vulnerable to hackers. When we use smartphones, we are constantly connected to the Internet and our phones contain so much valuable private information. If hackers gain access to our phones, they can easily read our chat messages, look through our photos and gain access to our contact lists. With so much important information on our phones, we need to learn about privacy protection.
Let’s look at 4 vulnerable areas on our phones:


Do not put your contacts in the system address book! Most phone systems don’t provide any kind of protection for your address book.

2.Chat messages

Our chat messages are one of the easiest targets for hackers. They can see who we are talking to, how often, when and about what subject.


Remember the iCloud celebrity photo scandal? Thousands of private and compromising photos from celebrities were hacked and leaked all over the Internet! Even though the average person is not a celebrity, our photos are just as important to us and are an important part of privacy protection.

4.Use a disposable phone number

If hackers get hold of your phone number sell it to telemarketers, you will start getting annoying phone calls all day. Even if you block the number, a new number will start calling you. You cannot turn off your phone, because you need to be reachable for your family and work. So an important tool for privacy protection is to have a disposable phone number that you don’t mind to terminate when telemarketers start to bother you.

CoverMe, a well-known expert in the privacy industry, has included privacy protection measures in their smartphone app to protect you from hackers. Here is how CoverMe provides a solution to the 4 vulnerable areas mentioned above:

  1. You should make your important contacts a private contact and store these private contacts in CoverMe’s secure address book.
  2. CoverMe’s self-destructing messages removes your messages from your recipient’s phone. This ensures that your messages are only read by the people you want to read them.
  3. Store your private photos and videos in CoverMe’s impenetrable vault where they are protected with encryption.
  4. Get a disposable phone number from CoverMe. This is a phone number that you can give out when you need to protect your real phone number. If telemarketers get their hands on the number and start bothering you, you can terminate the number and get a new one.

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