CoverMe Intrusion Alarm Knows Who is Peeping at Your File

Do you worry about someone trying to log in your CoverMe and peeping at your documents when you leave your phone on the desk? CoverMe has thought of the potential problem and come up with a powerful solution-CoverMe intrusion alarm. With intrusion alarm, CoverMe will automatically take pictures on failed login attempts. So you know if you are surrounded by prying eyes and curious ears.

Once you activate intrusion alarm. CoverMe will document all intrusion and login attempts with time and date, the attempted password that was entered, and best of all… a photo of intruder! With this feature, you can easily know who and when the intruder tried to access the phone. Each time a person feeds a wrong pin or pattern, the photo of the person is captured and automatically stored in the library. The photos are captured in the background, and without the knowledge of the intruder.
In addition to that, you can also set to send intrusion alarm via email, when you’re not around and someone tries to unlock your CoverMe.
No more worries about who might have checked your documents in your absence, as this simple little feature helps you know the person with images.
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