Protect Your Private Communications with CoverMe

The United States National Security Agency has been collecting personal messages for years-up to 200 million a day. They collect them from anyone they can, from mobile phones around the world. Simply by analyzing your text messages, they can conclude who you are talking to, what you are talking about, for how long and where you are at.
Some carelessly designed apps on your phone may even be helping them collect data. Many “leaky apps” are used by government agencies to tap into more sensitive data about its users. A surprising number of popular instant messaging apps are not secure, because their creators favor ease and functionality instead of a user’s security and privacy.

To prevent the government from gathering data from your phone, it is essential to use a secure encrypted messaging app, such as CoverMe, to send personal messages. CoverMe gives its users the highest level of encryption to protect their messages and calls, the same technology that is used by the military to encrypt their communications. Your contacts will also need to install and use CoverMe in order for you both to send end-to-end encrypted personal messages to each other.
To add an extra level of security to your private messages, CoverMe lets you send self-destructing messages that will delete immediately after the recipient has read the message or you can have the message delete after a specified time. You can also remotely recall messages to delete it from your recipient’s phone whenever you want to. With self-destructing messages and remote message recall, you limit the chance that your recipient will copy or forward your message without your consent.
Aside from encrypted messages, CoverMe also gives you the privacy and security of encrypted phone calls. You get a real U.S. or Canada phone number from CoverMe that you can use just like a regular phone number. You can send texts and call anyone in the world with this private number. If the other party is also using a CoverMe private phone number, then your phone calls are encrypted and cannot be intercepted and listened in on. Calls and texts you send with your CoverMe private phone number will never appear on your mobile phone bill, so you don’t leave behind evidence of who you are calling and when you call them.
If you want to protect your messages and calls, give CoverMe a try.
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