CoverMe Experts Reveal How to Really Protect Mobile Privacy

Recent news reports have shown vulnerabilities in popular messaging apps due to the network SS7 bug allowing hackers to assume a user’s phone number and take over their account. This is done by tricking the telecom network into believing the hacker’s phone has the same number as the victims. The hacker then uses the lost password option in messaging apps to get into the account via phone number verification. As easy as that, the hacker now has control of the victim’s account.

As the forerunner in designing mobile communications apps to protect user’s privacy online, CoverMe’s experts have revealed how to really effectively protect mobile privacy such as securely hiding chat messages and personal photos on a mobile.

1.Phone numbers should not be linked to the account

A privacy protecting App like CoverMe should never use phone number SMS verification as a method to gain access to an account and there should not be any link between the user’s phone number and CoverMe account.
This eliminates the possibility of hackers using the SS7 weakness to gain control of a user’s account.

2.Does not provide password recovery service

CoverMe explicitly does not provide password recovery service to prevent this easy route of entry by hackers.
If CoverMe users lose their password, they can recover it themselves through multiple levels of verification, including user defined security questions and geographic location.

3.Log-in from only one device

For security considerations, CoverMe does not support log-in from multiple devices.
Even if a hacker somehow gains access to an account from another device, they will need to enter a master password, answer security questions set by the user and also be in the original geographical location where the master password was set in order to enter the account.

4.Data is only saved locally on the device

Users’ data is only stored locally on their device and is never stored on CoverMe’s servers.
This prevents leak of information if CoverMe’s servers are hacked.

5.Automatically record and notifies about break-ins

If an intruder tries to break into a user’s account, their phone’s front facing camera will snap a picture of the intruder, the time and location of the break-in and send an alert to the user.

CoverMe’s layers of security, privacy features and design gives users one of the safest and most secure chat environments available.

About CoverMe, Inc.

CoverMe was founded in 2012 in San Jose, California. Cover Me is dedicated to offering mobile security for all smartphone users by protecting user data and communications records on their phone or through CoverMe’s Cloud service. CoverMe is available as a free download on the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

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