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Smartphones are disposable in our daily life. Activities like calling, texting, listening to music, watching videos, taking pictures, socializing and online shopping are all connected with cell phones. So, when someone tries to peek your privacy, he’s likely to start with your phone. Privacy revealing from cell phones is not a myth. Messages peeking, private photos hacking and phone calls interception are often the cases. It seems our privacy can possibly be in danger in every second. Don’t worry! CoverMe2.6.1 is solving the problem.
CoverMe provides millions of private phone numbers. Choose the one you like best. American and Canadian users can even get a free one. Want a custom phone number? Sure. Lots of vanity phone numbers are available for 14-day free trial. After picking a private phone number, start making private calls and sending private texts. They are totally secure. All the calls and texts are anonymous and delivered over encrypted data connection. With high level encryption, no one – not even engineers of this company can intercept your calls and messages. Your phone number won’t be revealed calling from CoverMe and your calling history won’t appear in the bills on your phone. Besides, CoverMe respects users’ privacy and will never store your information. Your privacy is completely safe with CoverMe.
Do you think your experience with CoverMe is over by now? Absolutely not. There are even amazing premium features to raise privacy protection to a higher level. Mask App, Decoy Passwords, Magical Notification, Private Call Protection, Unlimited Vault…each one is to make you at ease when faced with harsh problems. “Mask App” disguises CoverMe as an actual news reader app. No one would figure out its real function. “Magical Notification” allows users to set up personalized notification to disguise incoming messages. For example, you can set up notification of Lisa’s messages as “How are you?”
Excited about these great features? What are you waiting for? Update your privacy now!
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