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Often, we need to give out our phone numbers to people we don’t really know. It could be that you are trying to sell something on Craigslist and need to list your contact number. Or maybe you are just starting to date someone and they asked you for your phone number. What can you do in these situations? If you give out your real number, you are putting yourself at risk for unwanted phone calls and even harassment. What if your date isn’t someone you want to keep seeing but he or she won’t let you go and starts stalking you? Wouldn’t it be great to have a disposable phone number you can give out to people you don’t really trust?
CoverMe mobile communications app can give you a real U.S. or Canada phone number that you can use and dispose whenever you need. You start by selecting the area code of the number you need and then you can choose the phone number. Use the CoverMe disposable phone number for Craisglist, for dating, for filling out surveys, for work, for personal life, etc. You can get a different number for any need you have. Then when you start getting unwanted calls on the number, you simply terminate the number and get another disposable phone number. It’s easy as that!
The CoverMe phone number works just like any real phone number and you can call and text anyone in the world. You can even set-up voicemail, call blocking and get customized notifications.
Right now, CoverMe is offering a Trial Plan to let users try the phone service for free. You will get 20 voice minutes and can send or receive 10 texts within 14 days. To continue using your CoverMe number, purchase a calling packing before the trial period ends and that number is yours to use. You can choose calling packages for your CoverMe disposable phone number, with rates starting as low as $6.98 for 130 voice minutes and 130 texts.
With a disposable phone number, you’ll never have to worry about getting unwanted phone calls or being bothered by bad dates who won’t leave you alone. The free trial from CoverMe makes it even easier for you to start today!
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