How to Send Private Messages with no Records

Jane likes chatting with her friends through messages and usually share her secrets with close friends by sending private messages. She shares almost everything including her romance, lies she has told, embarrassing moments… She is anxious about the safety of her secrets so she deletes the sent messages in her message box within half an hour after they are sent.
So cautious as she is, her secrets are exposed sometimes. One day, when she arrived at her office, she found everyone look at her weirdly. She heard from some colleague that they were gossiping about her embarrassing moment. She wondered how it happened that everyone knows her secret. She asked the close friend whom she tell this secret to and figured it out: her friend left the phone on the desk without locked so others saw the private messages.
Jane was really upset and decided to look for an app on App Store for secure private messages. Luckily, she found one to send messages with no records on both phones. Messages sent through the app don’t show up in her normal message box. The app is protected with a strong password for extra security. She doesn’t need to delete her messages so soon anymore. Most importantly, she has full control of her private messages because she can remotely delete those messages on the recipient’s phone in certain minutes after they are read.
Thanks to the app, her private messages are totally safe from prying eyes. She can share any secret without the concern of being exposed now.
Download CoverMe to Send Private Messages with no Records

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