Secure Messaging Apps – Say no to online spying

There are alarming incidents of the NSA spying on people and this is just the tip of the iceberg. As it turns out, there is much greater risk in jeopardizing one’s privacy than once believed and therefore everyone needs to take a stand and make the most out of online freedom and the right to anonymity.
Even if the web seems a dangerous place to be and although there might be increasingly high numbers of cases where snoopers compromise the digital privacy of people, there is still a solution to be put into effect – secure messaging apps.
These apps allow you to send and receive texts and videos, photos and all other kinds of data mystically. In other words, you jeopardize nothing as nothing is required prior to subscribing to one such service. In order for you to ensure that no trace of yours is tracked online, you simply need to install and start using secure messaging apps.
With the contribution of a secure messaging app, you can rest assured that you communicate with your friends, family, as well as with anyone else you feel like without breaking a sweat. Imagine how cool this can be for several different cases, including those of sexting!
CoverMe Private Calls & Secret Text Messaging App lives up to expectations. It uses end – to – end encryption for secure calls and texts. You have got a private vault for keeping all the photos, videos and texts you do not wish to make public. All at once, there is the option of using self-destructing messages and even remotely wipe all the texts that you have sent without fail.

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