5 Best Secure Messaging Apps

When you need to send a short message to someone quickly and get a fast response, instant messaging is what you would normally use since emails are slow and sending an SMS uses up your monthly quota and can cost you money. Not all instant messaging apps are created the same though. Some instant messaging apps give you added security with encryption, letting you enjoy secure messaging that can even be used for business communications. We have selected the 5 best free secure messaging apps.


Signal secure messaging app provides end-to-end encryption to ensure your important conversations cannot be read by others. A special function of Signal is that it can add a layer of security over traditional SMS texts, meaning that you can send encrypted messages to anyone, even if they are not using Signal.

Available on Android and iOS


Telegram protects messages with end-to-end encryption making your messages viewable only by you and your receiver. Data is never logged on Telegram’s server and is stored on the cloud. You can also program your messages to self-destruct from your receiver’s phone at a certain date and time.

Available on Android, iOS and Windows


CoverMe features military-grade end-to-end encryption technology that is the best protection you can find for your secure messaging. Not only can you program messages to delete from your receiver’s phone at a certain time, but you can choose to have the messages delete immediately after being read or you can remotely delete the message whenever you want. You can create two different types of group chats. With broadcast messages, you can send a message to many people but they can only reply to you. With group messages, everyone in the group can reply to each other.

Available on Android and iOS


Wickr lets you set a time and date for the messages that you send to be deleted from your receiver’s smartphone. This helps limit the spread of information intended only for your receiver. Wickr also lets you fully delete messages from your phone’s memory after you have deleted the message in the app.

Available on Android and iOS


Gliph is a secure messaging app that you can use on all your devices, including your computer. Use Gliph on your smartphone to shoot off a quick message when you’re out and about. When you are in your office, you can easily type longer messages with your keyboard.

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