Now You Can Get Rid of Prying Eyes with a Shake of Your Phone.

Are you attentive enough to notice that when you use CoverMe, you can shake your phone to close CoverMe and back to home screen? Of course, CoverMe have more to offer. This article tells the secret of CoverMe “SHAKE” trick.

What is CoverMe Shake?

When you use CoverMe, you can simply shake your phone to close CoverMe and go back to home screen or lock screen. That is the basic version, and there is a lot more for premium version. For premium version, users can customize lock screens with photos from albums or even an entire album. What does that mean? When you are chatting joyfully with you BFF about some girl’s secrets, at this point your boyfriend comes and wonders what you are doing. Though being couples, you prefer some private space. Refusing to show him your phone is not a good way. Instead, you can shake it secretly and then hand it to him. What he sees is the lock screen photos you have chosen earlier, faking the illusion that you are just browsing a set of pet images.

How to set CoverMe Shake?

Open the app and click on “More”, and then click on “Security Settings”, as in the picture below:
Switch on “Shake to Close CoverMe”, which means when you shake your device, CoverMe will be closed and the page jumps to home screen.Otherwise, switch off “Shake to Close CoverMe”, which means when you shake your device, the device will jump to lock screen.

How to customize lock screen?

click on “Appearance settings”, and select “Set Lock Screen Pictures” as in the picture below,
You can choose from default photos, which is accessible for all users. For premium users, you can choose from your own photos or even select an entire album as lock screen.

What can I do with CoverMe Shake?

Imagine these scenarios:

You receive CoverMe messages from your boyfriend when you are having lunch with your colleagues. You start to chat with your boyfriend so passionately that your colleagues become curious about what you are doing. How to keep your privacy without getting embarrassed with your colleagues in the meanwhile? Shake your phone to go to lock screen albums as if you are enjoying beautiful pictures of fashion collocation.
When chatting on CoverMe in a bus, you feel eyes moving over your phone, which is annoying. Now you can get rid of the prying eye with a shake of your phone.

Stay tuned to CoverMe for more tips.

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