How to Get a Temporary US Phone Number

When buying or selling on Craigslist, when dating online or offline, you need to give out your phone number. Giving your real phone number can lead to months and months of unwanted spam calls and texts. For times like this, it’s useful to have a temporary phone number that you can use and discard easily. If you have a business or job and need to contact your customers via calls, but you do not want to use your personal phone number, then you can get a temporary phone number to separate your business or work from your personal life well. If you what to register some apps and websites which require phone number verification, you can get a temporary phone number to bypass the verification.

How to Get A Temporary Phone Number?

A temporary phone number is a great way to protect your privacy when dealing with the situations above. There are several ways to get a temporary US phone number.

Prepaid Phone

A prepaid phone is an ideal way to get a phone number for temporary use. It works just like regular phones, but it requires no credit check or contract. A prepaid phone can be paid for monthly, but it should be paid in advance. You can get a prepaid plan from a carrier like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon, or you can purchase a prepaid phone at a store or from a retailer. Generally, a prepaid phone is much cheaper than the standard mobile phone service.

International Prepaid SIM Card

If your device is eligible to be network unlocked and GSM compatible, you can get an international SIM card to get a temporary phone number. This SIM card is prepaid and is another great option for temporary use. The most popular international SIM card providers in the USA include WorldSIM, OneSIM, TravelSIM, GoSIM, KeepGo, Gigsky and ZipSIM.

Second Phone Number App

Another easy way to get a temporary phone number is through second phone number apps like Google Voice, Burner, Hushed or CoverMe. With a second phone number app, you can get one or more US phone numbers from any area code easily on an app without SIM cards needed.

How to Get A Temporary US Phone Number on CoverMe?

CoverMe can give you a temporary phone number so that you can protect your main phone number and keep it private. This number is just like a real U.S. phone number and you can use it to receive calls, make calls, send and receive SMS. You can call and text anyone, even people who are not using CoverMe.

  • Download CoverMe App from Google Play or Apple Store.
  • After installing CoverMe, open the app and register an account. (CoverMe does not require email or phone number to register.)
  • Tap “More” on the bottom.
  • Tap “CoverMe Phone Numbers”.
  • Follow the instructions to choose a US phone number.

Calls and texts that you make with CoverMe phone numbers will not show up on your phone bill, leaving no trace of your communications. You can also set up a blacklist to block calls you do not wish to receive.

The call quality is just as good as traditional phone lines and sometimes the call quality is even better since CoverMe uses a digital VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Compared to a regular phone number, it is affordable.

You don’t have to limit yourself to one temporary phone number, you can get as many as you want and have a different phone numbers for different purposes. You can have one number for your business contacts, another one for your friends, and another for your family. You can also have a phone number just for making online posts, like on Craigslist.

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