Accidentally Send a Text to the Wrong Person? Try This

How many times has this happened to you? You want to share a secret or a selfie with your best friend; then you bang out the message and hit send, only to find an instant later that you have got the wrong person. How you wish time could go back! While it can be super embarrassing to send your boss a selfie which you intended to send your boyfriend, other mistakes can get you into trouble. When it comes to business confidential or work-related files, a slip of hand can put your job at risk.

Thankfully, message Recall could be a real blessing — after all; it’s specifically designed to help fix embarrassing or even costly mistakes. Some email providers have offered message recall, though they have a few limitations in use. If you want full control over the sent messages, CoverMe is your must-have.

1.Message Recall

Wrong info messaged to your pals? No problem – just recall the message! All you have to do is long-press the message to activate a series of options; click ‘recall’ the message will disappear from the recipient’s chat screen. The feature also works on photos.


Self-destruct message is designed for extra private conversation. Imagine you are complaining to one of your coworkers about the silly decisions your boss made, I bet you will probably regret instantly you send out the inappropriate words. Or you never want the dialogue logs to be known. Self-destruct message is the wise choice.
Here’s how to enable self-destruct message:
1)On the chatting screen, click the marked lock icon in the top-right corner
2)Click ‘?’ to know more about security levels.
3)Tick ‘Delete After’ and now choose the life span of the message. Option ranges from 5minutes to 30 days. Besides, ‘Delete on read’ is also available.

With self-destruct message, now you can chat freely without concern.

3.Prevent Spreading

This is often the case: you send a selfie of you to your best friend with the intent to keep it between you two; however, the next day you wake up to see the photo everywhere. CoverMe also has the solution to this annoying problem.You can set different security level when chatting.

1) Normal—Messages do not self-destruct and can be forwarded, copied, and saved.
2) Protected—Messages do not self-destruct, but cannot be forwarded, copied, or saved.
3) Delete Later—Messages will be deleted after a certain amount of time.
4) Delete On Read—Messages immediately self-destruct after being read.
When you rise security level to 2, 3 or 4, the recipient cannot even store or screenshot the message you sent without your confirmation.Cool!

CoverMe determines to be your ultimate mobile privacy safeguard. Private calls and private messages keep your personal life from prying eyes. Meanwhile, CoverMe vault offers a safe place for your files, photos, logs as well as secrets.

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