A Secret Vault to Hide Your Private Photos

Most of us use our smartphones to take some photos and also some videos. These photos and videos show the events in our lives and tells a lot of information about us. Leaving them on your phone’s camera roll makes it easy for other people to find. For example, if you leave your phone for a minute to go to the bathroom, the people around you can easily grab your phone and look at all your photos!
That’s why you should use a photo vault app like CoverMe to safely and securely hide your private photos and videos. With CoverMe’s personal photo vault app, you can import photos and videos from your phone’s camera roll directly into the vault. You can then delete the photos and videos from your camera roll. The vault is encrypted with military-grade technology and cannot be hacked and broken into.
You can also take photos and videos directly from within the CoverMe photo vault app. The photos and videos taken this way will never appear on your phone’s camera roll and is stored immediately in the CoverMe vault.
What’s more, you can use CoverMe’s decoy function to create different accounts. With your main password, you enter the account where all your most private photos and videos are stored. With your decoy password, you create an account that you can put photos and videos that you don’t mind other people seeing. You should use your decoy password when you are around other people and only use your main password and account when you know you are alone. This way, when other people see you using your decoy account and typing in your decoy password, you have nothing to worry about. If someone learns your decoy password and uses it to enter CoverMe, they will only get access to your decoy account. The photos and videos stored in the vault in your main account will be safely hidden.
So don’t leave your important photos and videos unprotected anymore! Use CoverMe photo vault app to hide your photos away.
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