4 Apps to Hide Text Messages

When we are in a relationship with a romantic partner we are already sharing a large part of our lives with each other. Sometimes, you just need a private place for yourself, where you can hide text messages without worrying that your partner will discover them and get the wrong ideas.
There are smartphone apps you can use to hide your text messages and in this article we give you a run-down of the top apps for both iPhone and Android phones.

The best iPhone apps to hide text messages:

Cover Me

Free app to hide text messages,  photos, videos, passwords, document and voice recordings in a secure vault that you access with your main password. If you are using your phone while other people are around, you can enter a decoy password that will only show the messages and files you don’t mind other people seeing. People who try to break into your phone will have their photo taken and the GPS location and time of break-in will also be recorded for you.

Secret Apps

Hides your photos, videos, bookmards, web browsing history, notes, contacts, etc. It disguises itself as a normal iOS folder and it is password protected. If someone tries to pry inside the app, the front facing camera will snap a photo of them. This app costs $0.99.
The best Android apps to hide text messages:


Free app to hides your photos, videos, SMS, call logs and other apps. You can create a decoy vault (that can also store photos and files) to hide the real vault. The Vault-Hide app has a stealth mode to make the icon disappear from your home screen and can only be found when you enter your password. Anyone who attempts to break into the app will have their photo secretly taken.

Hide SMS

You select which conversations you want hidden and all messages from this contact will go straight to KeepSafe. There is no popup window, just a silent message in the status bar. This is a free app.

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