How to Keep Your Private Messages Safe from Text Snoopers?

We spend at least 8 hours of our daily lives at our workplace. During this time, it is only natural that you will sometimes have to send and reply to some personal text messages. Maybe you need to tell your husband to buy some groceries for dinner that night or maybe you need to send a quick text to your mother to remind her to take her medicine.  But did you know that your company can be monitoring all your text communications? This is especially true if you are using a work issued smartphone.
Companies do have a legal right to monitor your communications on work mobile devices, but sometimes sending a private message is just unavoidable and it becomes an invasion of employees’ rights and privacy.
What can we do to keep our private messages from text snoopers? You can use an encryption app like CoverMe to send secure end-to-end encrypted messages. When you send a private message on CoverMe, it is encrypted and then sent to your recipient who has an encryption key to descramble the message. With CoverMe’s military-grade algorithms, your messages cannot be read by anyone else. Even CoverMe’s programmers are not able to decode your message.
The recipient also needs to have CoverMe app installed on their phone in order for the encryption to work. CoverMe app is available for iPhone and Android phones and is free for download.
Now you can send secure private messages without worrying that someone will be reading them. Of course this is not to say that you should spend your whole day at work sending personal messages! Work is still your priority, but when you need to fire off a quick message to your friends about the meet-up later that night you can do so without worrying that your boss will be spying on you.
Not only does CoverMe app let you send encrypted text messages, but you can also make encrypted phone calls that will not be intercepted and listened in on.
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