One CoverMe, Many Worlds-Mobile Security

So you are using CoverMe and you forgot to close it or hide it. Your girlfriend sees you using a new app that can do many cool things like send messages and photos. She demands that you tell her your password so that she can check on your account whenever she wants. Do you hand over your CoverMe password? No! Don’t panic, we will teach you how to use a decoy password to set-up many decoy accounts!
Start the CoverMe app, on the main screen tap on “More” in the bottom right corner. Click on “My Account & Passwords”, then “Create a Decoy Password” to create a password that is not the same as your main password (For ex., Main password: 1111, Decoy password: 2222).

After you have entered your decoy password and confirmed it, click the “√”sign in the upper right corner and you’re all done! Now click on the dialog box “Jump to login page” and enter the decoy password that you just created. Watch the magic happen when you enter your decoy password and a whole new world opens up! The decoy password opens up a decoy account that is a real CoverMe account. You can use this account in the same way, but you would only put the messages, photos and contacts that you don’t mind other people seeing. If others use your decoy password to enter your CoverMe app, they will be fooled into thinking that you are not hiding anything else in your account.

PS: You can create more than one decoy password to have many decoy accounts!
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