5 Tips to Secure Your Mobile Phone

Computer security is relatively mature and most users know how to protect their personal computers from hackers and virus attacks. However, mobile phone security is a new concept and the risks of not protecting the data on our phones is just as, if not more dangerous.

Mobile phones have become an essential part of our lives, bringing us many conveniences that are hard to live without. Since we usually have our phones with us all the time, we put many important photos, videos, notes and even passwords on our phones, not to mention our text messages, call records and contact information.

Aside from being more careful when we use our phones, what else can we do to improve our mobile phone security? CoverMe suggests 5 tips to improve your mobile phone security.

Private calls with no call records

Use CoverMe to make phone calls and they will be protected with 256-bit AES encryption giving a safe and secure call environment that cannot be hacked or intercepted. Also, your call records will not appear on your mobile phone bill, leaving no trace of your call.

Address book protection

Save your confidential contacts in CoverMe’s password protected private address book. Private contacts will not be visible or available in your main address book.

Self-destructing messages:

CoverMe offers a self-destructing message function for when you need to send very secret text messages, voice messages and photos. To prevent spreading of your information, the message cannot be copied, forwarded or screen captured.

Protect your most confidential data in a vault

CoverMe’s Vault can securely store your most private photos, videos, voice recordings, passwords and documents. Unique password protection makes the vault very reliable. Even if you lose your phone, your most important information will not be exposed.

Lock your app

After you have stored your confidential data in CoverMe, it is important to implement a lock on the app. If you forget to close CoverMe, the screen will automatically lock. You can also quickly lock the screen by shaking your phone.

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