Are your selfies safe on your mobile?

Are you obsessed with selfies? Maybe you are taking a selfie to record a special moment. Or maybe you just want to share an embarrassing photo with your best friends. Of course you can do whatever you want with your phone. But is your selfies really safe on your phone?
The kids may playing with your phone and see all the photos out of curiosity. Someone may use your phone and glance at your album. Or let’s say, your phone just gets lost.
With all your passwords, secret call logs, private messages stored, your phone is your privacy. If you are not comfortable with someone browsing your photo albums, then it is time to face the privacy problem and take some actions before it is too late.

Set up a password for your phone

A password is a useful entry level tip to prevent unintentional intrusion of your phone. Don’t set up your passwords as”1234”; instead, pick random characters that are uniquely memorable for you.

Use a private vault app to store all the sensitive files.

A smarter way to keep your privacy is a private vault app, where you can keep all your private photos, videos, passwords and document. Take CoverMe as an instance, to access the encrypted the private files, you must enter the password. You can even setup a decoy password for CoverMe, which opens a different area showing only the photos and messages you don’t mind others seeing.
Your phone is your privacy. You can leave it unattended or you can take back the control of your privacy with CoverMe.

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