A Private Phone Number is a Must for Secret Dating

You like a girl and she likes you back but you cannot date her publicly for some reason. The best option is secret dating. It may put you in a dilemma but what’s life without a little risk? It pours a lot of passion into your life.

A secret romance is hard to survive. You cannot share the secret with anyone, even your best friends; you have to treat your lover like everyone else in public; your call logs and texts must be deleted as soon as possible because you never know who will see your phone… Speaking of calls and texts, there’s one thing that makes secret romance much easier: a private phone number.

A private phone number is a secret number because you don’t need it to contact your friends and family. This number is exclusive used for your secret dating. If you have a private phone number to call and text your secret lover, others won’t find anything by checking the call logs and message box of your regular phone number.

Since you don’t use the number to contact others, you can change for another one or suspend it something goes wrong. If the number is found out by others, you can change for another one and pretend nothing has happened. Or if you want to break up with your secret lover, you could just discard the private phone number so you wouldn’t be disturbed. When you are ready for another relationship, you can get another private phone number.

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