How to Take Back Your Privacy and Encrypt Your Phone?

As the documents released by Edward Snowden showed us, government agencies have the ability to read the text messages of normal citizens in the U.S. and many other countries around the world. This is a major invasion of privacy and it gives the government the ability to track our movements too.
But what if you say, “I don’t have anything to hide”? Fair enough, however, it is not just a matter of not having things to hide. Hackers can intercept your text messages and get information about you to sell for advertising or marketing  purposes. Then you will have to deal with annoying telemarketers bothering you with endless calls at home.

One way that we can fight back against institutions gathering and using our data is to make sure we use encryption to send texts. The way encrypted text works, is that our message is encrypted before we send it to our recipient. Only our recipient has the decryption key to descramble the message and read it. If hackers intercept our encrypted text message, they will still not be able to decrypt the message and they won’t be able to get any information from it.

Text encryption is necessary for confidential business discussions, sending financial information or just anytime we don’t want others spying on us.

CoverMe uses military-grade end-to-end encryption technology in its mobile communications app. When you send a message to another CoverMe user, it will be protected from the moment you send it until your recipient opens it. You can send photos and videos using CoverMe text messages and your photos and videos will be encrypted with the same protection. When you use CoverMe to make phone calls to another CoverMe user, the phone call is digitized and it is also encrypted.

Since we live in a time of government spying, public social media profiles, hackers intercepting our messages and calls, the world can start to feel like a scary place . But there is hope, because of apps like CoverMe that gives us the tools to take back our privacy! So don’t delay anymore and make sure your phone can send encrypted text messages.

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