Your Privacy Needs Protection, So Does Your Passwords

Every year there are increasing studies showing that the most-popular passwords are plain awful. Obvious passwords like “12345678” and “password” always top the lists. What’s even worse, many people use the same lame password everywhere. All it takes to break into an account using one of these terrible passwords is a good guesser.
It’s very time to put an end to this “123456” password or a one-for-all password. Follow below 6 rules to develop tough-to-crack passwords that resist infiltration.

  • Avoid using dictionary words. These passwords are easy for hackers to figure out using an electronic dictionary.
  • Don’t use personal information.  Any part of your name, birthday, Social Security number, or similar information for your loved ones is a bad password choice.
  • Avoid common sequences,such as numbers or letters in sequential order or repetitive numbers or letters.
  • If the web site supports it, try to use special characters, such as $, #, and &.  Most passwords are case sensitive, so use a mixture of upper case and lower case letters, as well as numbers.
  • To help you easily remember your password, consider using the first letter from each word in a sentence, a phrase, a poem, or a song titles a password. Be sure to add in numbers and/or special characters.
  • Create different passwords for different accounts and applications. That way, if one password is breached, your other accounts won’t be put at risk too.  Do not use the same or variations of the same password for different applications.

However, the problem is that avoiding same passwords and lame passwords is hard—too hard for most people to manage without help. How is anyone — even a security professional — supposed to memorize dozens of long, complex password strings, let alone remember which goes with which Web site?
Fortunately, CoverMe offers a decent solution to passwords chaos.
One easy way to remember your passwords is to write them down and keep them in a securely locked place. Definitely, we are not talking you into leaving them in an address book or under your keyboard. Instead, CoverMe Vault is the ultimate password guard. The encrypted vault is invisible and completely impenetrable without the password. Even if your device is lost or left unattended, your private information is absolutely safe. It sorts out all of your bank accounts, websites, emails, membership cards, etc. With CoverMe password managers, you need to remember only one master password, then you can let the software remember all these complicated, hacking-resistant password strings.
If you’re the kind of person who constantly resets passwords and usernames, or worse, recycles the same password you’ve been using for the past five years, it’s time for a serious upgrade. Get CoverMe to get away with passwords confusion and shelter passwords from spying eyes.
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