How to Keep my Passwords Safe?

How many passwords do you have? Most people have passwords for emails, bank accounts, online shopping, websites, apps…and many have more than one email account, bank account, website account… Complicated passwords make it a great challenge to keep them in mind but reusing the same password for all your accounts carries great risks. Even if one of your accounts is hacked, then criminals can get access to all your important accounts, including bank accounts! If someone gets your email account and password, he can use the password reset links on websites or apps to gain control of your other accounts. How to keep passwords safe?
Would it be much easier to hide these passwords somewhere with strong protection? You need a password manager to keep passwords safe. Note down different passwords according to categories: ID Cards, Wallet, Web Sites, Accounts, Email, Others. In ID cards, you can store information like driver’s license, passport and membership cards. In Wallet, you can save your credit card, debit card, bank account and Paypal information. With strong protection of dot-lock, password manager will be hard to enter.

Keep your Passwords Safe on CoverMe Password Manager

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