When your boy/girlfriend asks for your phone password

Being in a relationship is romantic. Finally, you have someone to share everything that you want: tears, laughter and food etc,.
However, your phone password obviously dose not belong to that category ( at least to most of you, if not all). Sure, loving is about two hearts open to each other; but more importantly love means you have the ability to be yourself, which means you have your own way of thinking, your own little secret that you would rather keep to yourself.
If your partner is so considerate that he/she would just leave your phone password with you, you are one of the few lucky dogs. Generally, you have to answer the question: may I see your phone? ( and another question “may I have your phone password?”for you if your phone is password protected.)
The case is, you may have nothing to hide from your partner when you say no to the password sharing question. Or you still keep the photo of your EX for no more reason than just recording.
How to say no without upsetting your partner when he/she asks to have your phone password? CoverMe, the secure messaging app, has a solution with its powerful decoy password feature. To put it simple, you keep photos, videos, contacts that you don’t want others to see in the Coverme main account. You can input a decoy password to enter a decoy account. This account is just like a real CoverMe account, but you can put content here that you don’t mind others seeing.
Now the password problem does not bother you: your partner are happy with your (decoy) password and you are happy with your personal space.