What to do when mistakenly send messages?

Jane haven’t talked to an old friend in a while. They’re close friends, so it was pretty common for them to use expletives when referring to each other. Since it had been a while, a simple Hey or Hello wouldn’t have sufficed. So she wrote: What’s up, bitch? Where have you been? Totally forgot about me, eh?
What she didn’t notice in a hurry was, instead of tapping on her name, she had mistakenly tapped on the name preceding her’s in my contact list. And she didn’t even realize it at first. 5 minutes later, she received a notification. It was a text from my manager (a female), who had been on a medical leave for 4 days: Huh??? She opened the conversation, and that’s when she realized what an idiot she had been.
She explained that the message was intended for a friend of her which she mistakenly sent, and then proceeded to write a million sorrys. Her manager is a very cool person and took it lightheartedly and laughed it off.
Jane started to wonder, if she had mistakenly sent that message to the co-founder instead, things would’ve gone differently, and she’d have probably received a termination letter in the reply. And so she double-check every message she send ever since and often get anxious when sending messages.
However, her life is different because of CoverMe. When sending messages with CoverMe, she is never concerned so much about wrongly sent messages any more. When it happens, just simple recall the messages mistakenly sent.

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