The Best Mobile Android Security App

As mobile phones become more sophisticated, we are relying on them to do more of our daily tasks – make calls and texts, store contact information, take and store photos and videos. Having so much private information on our phones make them vulnerable to voyeurs and we should use a phone security app to protect our valuable information.
CoverMe is the best phone security app available for Android devices, providing military-grade protection to ensure your text messages can only be seen by you and the recipient. The end-to-end encryption scrambles the message after you send it and can only be descrambled by the recipient.
CoverMe also gives users valuable security features to prevent others snooping information on your phone:


When someone walks near you while you are looking at private content, you can give your phone a quick shake and the CoverMe’s app will close and jump to home screen or the lock screen. With CoverMe’s premium version, you can even configure the lock screen to scroll through your photo album.

Intruder Alarm

If an incorrect password is entered, CoverMe will use your phone’s front facing camera to take a picture of the intruder, the time and GPS location of the break-in attempt. The information will be stored for you to check later to find out who is trying to break into your phone.

Message Security Level

Users can set 4 levels of message security to protect their text messages.

  • NORMAL messages do not self-destruct and can be forwarded, copied and saved.
  • PROTECTED messages do not self-destruct but cannot be forwarded and copied.
  • DELETE AFTER messages will be deleted after a certain time.
  • DELETE ON READ messages quickly self-destruct after being read.

Decoy Function

When you are using your phone in public, you won’t want to expose your most confidential data. You can input a decoy password to enter a decoy account. This account is just like a real CoverMe account, but you can put content here that you don’t mind others seeing.

Advanced end-to-end encryption and these security features combine to make CoverMe the best phone security app for Android.
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