Should I Get a Temporary Phone Number for Online Dating?

Why Should I Protect My Personal Number When Online Dating?

With everyone locked indoors for most of 2020, online dating websites have become more popular than ever. Dating apps like Tinder, OkCupid, PlentyofFish, and Zoosk are seeing record numbers of users, and their services have become an important way for people to maintain a dating life.
While some use dating apps to find a serious relationship, others simply want to chat and have some fun in the short term. But whatever you’re in it for, it’s important to be using a temporary phone number while online dating.
A second phone number is an essential method for protecting your privacy because, while chatting away online is fun, you never really know who’s on the other end of the line. By signing up to the websites with a burner number, or by handing out a disposable one when you are planning to meet up with your date, you’ll ensure a bad date doesn’t have access to your real personal phone number. Using a hidden number for dating is also a great way to keep your communication private.
In this article, we run through some of the common dangers of online dating and help you get set up with the ideal solution: a second phone number app like CoverMe.

Is Online Dating Safe?

While most dating websites do have some basic inbuilt security features, they are still riddled with loopholes and backdoors that allow scammers and criminals to infiltrate their service. Here are some horrifying facts about online dating.

1 in 10 users of free dating sites are scammers. While it’s fair to expect increased advertising on free dating websites, most people wouldn’t use them if they knew just how many accounts weren’t real. According to Phactual, almost 10% of profiles are fake. Not only is that frustrating, it’s dangerous because you will be interacting with scammers and putting yourself at risk!

These free sites are also notorious for allowing fake or unused accounts to stay in their system, boosting search result matches and padding their numbers. The best way to avoid this is to use a paid service: it shows your commitment to finding someone special. If you want to spot a scammer, be on the lookout for pictures that are too flattering to be true, overly keen conversation, poor spelling and grammar, and missing profile information.

In 2011, online dating cons cost users $50 million. It’s a ruse so common that people make jokes about it: you meet someone wonderful online, they claim they don’t have enough money to come and visit you, and they ask for money to go towards their travel expenses. The sad thing is, lonely people fall for it every day! Avoid this scam, and never give money or items to people you meet online.

Younger women are the most vulnerable. It’s a sad truth, but many young women looking for love use online dating in the hopes of finding their prince charming. Unfortunately, according to recent data, they are much more likely than men to receive threats and have a negative experience online.

Online predators commit 16,000 abductions every year. According to Internet Predator Stats, a shocking 16,000 abductions, 100 murders, and thousands of rapes happen every year through online dating websites. Don’t be one of these victims – make sure you are staying safe with an app that uses military-grade security features to protect your location and your identity.

What to Look Out for When Online Dating Dating used to be simple. You’d meet someone you like in real life, go to dinner with them, or maybe catch a movie together. But now, it’s all about the online chatroom. As more and more of us shift to online dating using websites and apps, it’s important to look out for a few of the following most common traps.

This is by far the most likely one to encounter. Catfishing is when someone creates a fake online profile and then uses that to pretend to be someone they aren’t. It could be fairly innocent, such as pretending to be younger or better looking, or it could be malicious – with the intent to scam or hurt victims.

Dating or Romance Scams. This type of scam targets people who are lonely and vulnerable. Scammers will start chatting, they’ll be very friendly and upfront about their ‘feelings’ for you, and then when you’ve fallen for them, they’ll ask to move the conversation to a different platform like texting. This is when they will try to gain your personal information, and so it’s essential to have a disposable number to provide people who want to text.

The Travel Scam. Much like the romance scam, these criminals will start up a conversation and claim to be located in a foreign country. Once you’ve fallen for them, they will ask to come and visit but will want you to send them money to do so. Be careful never to send money to people you have never met!

The Best Protection for Online Dating

With all the dangers out there, you might think that it’s best to avoid online dating completely. But that’s not true. Using apps and online chatrooms is a great way to meet people, and there are plenty of success stories out there. You just have to be safe! The quickest and best way to gain instant protection while online is to use a second phone number app like CoverMe. This revolutionary service is a free downloadable app that you can use on an iPhone or Android. It gives you multiple disposable numbers so that you can sign up to dating websites like Tinder or Bumble without ever having to hand out your personal details. And the best thing is that it uses military-grade protection protocols such as encrypted messaging. This means you can message people anonymously and without fear of your messages being hacked. You can even use the numbers provided by CoverMe to make calls to anyone in the US, Canada, or China – they don’t even need to have the app! Check out all these other awesome features:

  • Private vaults. Lock up your digital valuables with four-digit pins and decoy passwords to hide files on your phone.
  • No phone bill entries. Our end-to-end encrypted calls and messages won’t show up on your phone bill.
  • Private chatting groups. Meet up with friends and business contacts in these rooms that let you text, call, send files, photos and videos, and even broadcast – all over a secure network.
  • Self-destructing messages and message recall – so the wrong people never end up reading your messages.

For the best way to hide your phone number for online dating, check out the secret number app from CoverMe – the only true way to stay safe. Download the CoverMe app now.